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Normal odds
A does not knowingly participate in https://ghanapremierleaguelive.com/articles/how-to-deposit-on-betway/ the price wars of bookmakers. Their coefficients are usually not high. At the same time, being a classic bookmaker, a has its own opinion and can fall under the arbitrage bets, coming out with more favorable prices from competitors. We note one important positive point-there are no frankly low quotes with a margin of more than 10%, which is practiced by bookmakers in unpopular markets.

For games featured in major championships, A offers higher odds, with an average margin for these events of 3%. Which is comparable to the prices of the leaders (low-margin bookmakers). You can find out which events offer higher odds by going to the “news” section of the official website.



Low pre-game odds. In the middle and low leagues, the bookmaker’s margin is between 5% and 8%. Slightly better and the odds for the best championships-about 4.5-5%. In this range, the lowest margins are usually in the major leagues of England, Spain and Germany.


The margin for betting on NHL and KHL Hockey is 5-5.5% on results, total and 5% handicap. For the remaining leagues, the margin price is at 5.5-7.5%.


The margin for betting in the NBA, Euroleague, major European Championships is 5-5.5%, equal Odds: 1.9-1.9. In the remaining leagues, the margin is 7-7.5% and the odds are equal: 1.85-1.85.


For major competitions (ATP, WTA), the margin is quoted between 5-6%. For lower ranked tennis tournaments (ITF, Challengers), the margin is 7-8%.

The choice of bets is good
The BK line can be considered one of the best in the betting market. First of all, it is distinguished by the largest possible coverage, both by sport and by the choice of competitions directly (before the regional and Junior Championships). At the same time, for local competitions in Kazakhstan, the line did not receive additional expansion.

The painting of the bookmaker has both strengths and weaknesses. Given that a is an “old school” bookmaker who writes the line, the proposed events can be on a minimal or extended wall. In the most popular events, BC offers the entire possible range of betting offers.

Football betting

For the classic set of offers (result, double chance, total and Handicap), the bookmaker offers additional bets on the exact result, the playing time. There is a good set of Totals and handicaps, individual totals of teams, comparison of starts and goals of teams.

If the bookmaker sees the game of increased attention, the player receives painting тоталов and odds, has the ability to additionally make bets on results and goals, in time intervals, the combination of results and тоталов, corner and Card fall on the rod, and the crossbar, the exact difference in the individual account statistics of players and much more.

The quality of the paint depends on the weather – the maximum number of markets that the bookmaker gives on the line for the day of the event. The starting line of bets is more scarce.

Betting on Tennis

Painting in tennis depends on the level of the match, from the minimum (only result or result, total and handicap) to the extended with the markets for statistical indicators.

Bets on basketball

Painting along the BK line allows you to shift the odds and totals in any direction up to 9 points, in half-point increments (buy or sell one point). At the same time, the painting itself, if not a moment close to the game, is quite limited in other markets. Closer to the match, they give the comparative performance of the rooms, the individual statistics of the team. The painting of matches of a level can vary dramatically.

Bets on ice hockey

For KHL or NHL games, the bookmaker offers its players a fairly high-quality product, on the line a rich choice for the painting of the period, the combination “period-Game”, result and total, individual total of the teams. For less significant matches, painting is minimally basic-result, total, handicap, double chance.

Live service-good
As a pioneer in live gambling, the bookmaker has not lost its leading position today in times of online domination, remaining the strongest bookmaker even against the backdrop of world leaders. The company accepts bets per day on more than 1,700 sporting events, of which every minute – 60 or more events. At the same time, the needs of the bookmaker are covered by a network of own Scouts, which makes it possible to obtain operational information from a wide variety of regions not covered by global betting data providers. The live betting platform of is classified by many professionals as basic, with a focus on which competing companies build their product.

We note several important features-its own unique painting, high-quality informative support service and extensive coverage of TV broadcasts, speed of reception and calculation of bets, maximum time to follow the match with quotes.


Example of exclusive markets – you can bet on the market ” will be served one corner of all four corners of the field “or bet” there will be a number in the final score– 0 (1, 2, 3…) “and much more.

The disadvantages include a small number of matches, where corner painting or card painting is given on the line.

The odds on the live platform of the have no drawdown, as is the case with pre-match quotes, being at a very competitive price level.

How do I find out the results of matches?

To improve the quality of sports forecasts and more accurate selection, the client can use separate sections called “Statistics”and ” Results”. They give you access to statistics and allow you to conduct a detailed analysis of the event, outline statistical trends and features of individual teams ‘ performance in tournaments.

In the “Results” section, you can find out how the matches of the game day ended or how the matches in live mode add up. The section is also convenient to use in the app, where you can easily find the results of matches for any day.

Personal account of Marathon Business Center»

The following sections are available in your merchant Profile::

  • Personal data – account information and personal data specified during registration;
  • Payment method – information about payment methods;
  • Betting History – betting history;
  • Account history – history of deposits and withdrawals;
  • Marathon Club history – history of participation in the loyalty program;
  • Session history – information about account logins and login devices;
  • Changing your password – you can change your password.
  • Other settings – change the time zone settings, display coefficients, etc.;
  • Protection of the betting participant – the ability to close the account and / or use the “Self-exclusion” function»;
  • Messages – notifications from the bookmaker’s administration.

Language versions of the site

The website of the licensed version of the Marathon betting company is available exclusively in Russian. Multilingual versions are available only at the offshore bookmaker “Marathonbet”.


Game rules

The rules of the game in the Marathon betting shop are available in the “Services” tab – “Rules”. It is with the study of this section that we recommend starting to get acquainted with sports betting in BC Marathon.

By going to the rules, the user gets to a separate page, which sets out the main terms used on the website and in the mobile services of BC Marathon, as well as explains the rules of player behavior and obligations assumed by both the bookmaker and the client. The section is provided with a convenient rubricator (table of contents), which greatly facilitates navigation through the voluminous text. If you are an advanced player, then use full-text search on the page to find out the nuances that interest you.

Directly, the rules governing the conclusion of a bet are contained in the following points::

  • Section 7: “Betting Rules” – general rules for placing bets in line and live, as well as long-term bets and their calculations.
  • Section 8: “Sports rules” – features of betting on sports related to the difference between different disciplines.
  • Section 9: “Dictionary. Types of bets ” – the difference between the types of bets and the rules for accepting them. Please note that in this section we are talking not only about the versions of the bet for the legal BC “Marathon”, but also for the bet”Marathonbet”.
  • Section 10: “Frequently Asked Questions” – the difference between types of bets and their acceptance rules. Please note that in this section we are talking not only about the versions of the bet for the legal BC “Marathon”, but also for the bet”Marathonbet”.

Payment of tax

The rules section also regulates the obligations to pay taxes by the bookmaker’s clients. You can study them in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

Winnings from a licensed Marathon betting company are subject to a 13% tax. According to the legislation, the amount of winnings up to 3,999 rubles is not taxed, the amount of winnings (for a year) from 4,000 to 14,999 rubles is taxed with the obligation to pay it by the client, and the amount of winnings over 15,000 rubles is paid with a deduction of 13% of the amount by the bookmaker when withdrawing funds. This is the tax payment system applicable to Marathon Business Center.

What restrictions are imposed on players

Special attention should be paid to the paragraph of the rules “Legal regulation/ Restrictions”, which specifies situations when restrictive measures are applied to user accounts. Among such cases, we can distinguish the following::

  • client’s awareness of the final result of the event (contractual nature of the match);
  • multiaccounting service;
  • using special software for placing bets;
  • placing bets by a group.

We recommend that you read the remaining restrictions and conditions in the “Rules” section BEFORE starting the game at the Marathon bookmaker’s office.


Sponsorship and partnerships

BC Marathon and the global brand Marathonbet are considered major sponsors in the sports world. Currently, the company is an official partner of Real Madrid and Dynamo Moscow. The title sponsor of the English football club “Manchester City” and the main partner of the Spanish club “Seville” is the company Marathonbet.

Thanks to such sponsorship agreements, Marathon customers can enjoy special offers and promotions for betting on events involving partner teams, raffles for valuable prizes and trips to matches of their favorite team. Notifications about new promotions are placed on the main page of the site.


Frequently Asked Questions

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