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Shanghai, China Nov 06, 2022 – H WIN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of level 3 body armor plates, level 4 body armor plates, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof vests, bulletproof suits, bulletproof children’s backpacks, and so on.

They believe that in an industry where the lowest specifications and price-only purchasing can pit manufacturers against each other in a competition to the bottom, The company has picked the way less journeyed, which they call “quality first, reputation first.” They offer bulletproof solutions that go beyond industry standard requirements. When others view these specifications as a finish line, they see them only as a kick-off point toward lasting, outstanding performance and usability. They believe that to provide the best value to customers, they must hit an ideal balance between product, quality, and price.

bulletproof products manufacturer and supply

H WIN is a manufacturing company adding research, development, production, and sales services. H WIN has become a leading manufacturer of Ballistic plates, level 3 body armor plates, soft armor plates, bulletproof vests, and bulletproof helmets, primarily used in police, military, security, customs, financial institutions, airlines, and railways.

The company has a large production area covering an area of over 10 000 square meters, with more than 150 personnel, including over 30 professional technicians who develop 4 main areas as Production Department, the R & D Department, the Sales Department, and the Management Department.

In the 4 000 square meters cutting workshop, H WIN has the most advanced laser cutting equipment that may swiftly, eco-friendly, and adequately cut all types of high-toughness ballistic materials. Correspondingly, the complete set of devices ensures excellent performance in achieving the various requirements of various countries. Moreover, H WIN’s tactical team has more than 20 years of R&D and production knowledge, which can make H WIN keep high performance and minimal prices.

Through the years, H WIN’s products have appreciated a high reputation in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. H WIN is focused on recommending and offering cost-effective product solutions worldwide and is committed to providing clients with supporting value-added services.

The company always sticks to “quality first, reputation first.” They welcome their customers to enjoy “Good quality, VIP service.” To get a better price, visit their website – https://www.hwinbulletproof.com/

Company Info


Address: No 5-2 Bldg, Lane 300, Nanting Road, Shanghai, China

Contact Phone: +86 021-66683337

Contact Email: sales@hwinbulletproof.com

Website: https://www.hwinbulletproof.com/

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