Hair care after doing Beach blonde hair color

Highlighted hair needs to be treated just as carefully as fully colour hair. Follow our expert advice to keep your hair healthy and beautiful after doing Beach blonde hair colour. Let’s start;

Special shampoo

Choose a moisturizing shampoo or an option for colour-treated hair. The product should be without aggressive components that lift the hair cuticle and wash out the pigment. So you have to gently during cleansing process. For cold shades, you can ask the specialist which shampoo is best for you.

Conditioner after wash

It is important to apply a conditioner or balm regularly after each wash to soften and restore the ends of the hair. Biolage R.A.W. Colour Care with meadow herbs will take care of the strands and preserve the colour saturation.


Note: After doing Beach blonde hair color, choose toning in blond shades for blond hair: your choice is blond conditioner. It is pigmented, gives the strands a metallic nuance without colour impurities, nourishes well and, remarkably, is suitable for both dyed and natural brown hair.

Strengthening mask

Dyed ends can start to split and break, especially if you have a haircut with elongated strands. What do hairdressers recommend? First, do not comb wet hair let it dry slightly. Secondly, a mask will help you. Such products should be introduced approximately two weeks after the highlighting procedure.

For maximum recovery you can use Force Architect with pro-keratin and myrothamnus juice.

And if you have long hair that can split at the ends after dyeing, pay attention to the Biolage Fiberstrong concentrate – it restores the structure of each hair shaft well.

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