Hair Dye Alternatives That Actually WORK!

Covering grays or getting a new hair color is on everyone’s mind these days. Some like the salt and pepper hair, others like to experiment with new colors. There are a variety of colors to choose from. There’s dark brown, red, burgundy, blonde, black, and even eggplant purple.


You could go wild with the hair color options or simply opt for a basic color to cover the grays. The only worry in your head is the following – What if the hair dye damages my hair?


Your concerns are valid, and that’s why we thought of sharing hair dye alternatives that actually work. You could get hair color shampoo for men and women or think of a vegetable that dyes your hair naturally. Before you check out natural hair colour products online, skim through this quick article.


Why should you bid adieu to traditional hair dyes?


For traditional hair dyes to work, manufacturers have to add chemicals to it. Traditional hair dyes are filled with chemicals and they do more damage to your hair. Sure, you get the color you need, but it leads to hair fall, hair thinning, and other issues.

Traditional hair dyes are not the only answer. There are some unconventional and herbal ways to go about it.


The traditional hair dyes have parabens, ammonia, coal tar, PPD, and other harmful chemicals. In case you are not exactly a scientist, doctor, or a chemistry professor, you won’t be sure what these chemicals do to your hair.


The chemicals are not touching your skin, but they are doing damage to your hair. It is possible that the chemicals might turn your hair gray. Would you want that? You don’t know about the drawbacks or ill effects.


As you move forward, you will get to know about the best alternatives. Let’s take a look!


Hair Color Alternatives You Need to Be Aware Of


The first alternative you can opt for is HENNA. Now, Henna is definitely free from chemicals and it covers your gray hair. You should not expect fancy colors here. Your hair color will change to a particular shade, so there are not many options.


Nonetheless, henna is natural. It can be a bit messy to apply it to your hair, but it is certainly effective.


The second alternative is hair color shampoo. This one is effective in coloring your hair in different shades. You could get a dark brown shade, black, eggplant purple, blonde, red, and others.


The good part about this hair color shampoo is that it’s easy to apply and does not require a professional’s intervention. You can apply it to your hair and walk out of the shower cubicle with coloured hair. All it takes is 20-30 minutes to get the color on your hair.


The third alternative is DIY. You can use hibiscus, coffee, lemon, chamomile, rosemary, and other ingredients to get a particular color of hair. Now, this may or may not work as per your wish, so we always recommend going for the hair color shampoo.


The question is – Does a hair color shampoo have chemicals?


Absolutely not! You need to go for a herbal hair color shampoo. Do some research and select one that comes in different colors.

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