What is the Variation between FUE and FUT?

Follicular Unit Extraction, more generally held as FUE hair transplant, is one of the two latest hair transplant ways. FUE is a minimally invasive hair recovery choice that needs skill and accuracy to gain the best effect. Hair transplant cost of FUE available at the lowest price for you.

How FUE works?

FUE acts by removing naturally befalling groups of one to four hairs and drawing these to the head area, typically the balding region.

Doctors will first work to remove groups of between one and four hairs. These clumps of strands are typically removed from the sides of the head or back of the neck. It uses a specific removal device less than 1mm in diameter. These follicles are then given to the receiver area of the scalp and fixed using a potent stereo microscope.
We take great care to graft the hairs at the exact angle to imitate the old hair, just as it would naturally grow.

What is the variation between FUE and FUT?

The difference between FUE hair transplant and FUT is that while FUT, the surgeon excludes a whole strip of patron skin from the back of the head and removes the hair follicles from this layer. However, in the FUE hair transplant, the individual strands are taken straight from the head. Hair transplant cost varies with the area where you want hair transplant. 

In FUT, the entire layer of the hair is picked in one go and then divided into single follicles later. This gives a very notable and prominent lateral mark along the back of the head.
During FUE, a bunch of between one and four hairs is exclusively removed from the head and grafted to the new area of the scalp, trying to imitate the pattern of the hair that managed to grow there. This leaves little to no noticeable marks on the head.

When it gets to restoration time, there is also a notable distinction between FUE and FUT. In FUE hair transplants, there is minimum bleeding, and a cure is usually finished within seven days. However, as a complete strip of the head has been removed during FUT, it often takes weeks for the marks to ease over.

The effects of FUE hair transplants far outweigh the impact of FUT hair transplants, giving a high-quality, essential surface to the hair.

Is FUE suitable for me?

It can be challenging to grasp if FUE is proper for you or a good candidate for FUE hair transplantation. One of the things you require for FUE is a healthy hair extension at the back and sides of the head to assist as a donor area for follicles to be picked from. Other parts, such as hair color, balance, and waviness or curliness, may also alter the cosmetic effect.

The fastest way to see out if FUE is proper for you is to register for a consultation. We can instantly help you with any questions and discover whether or not you would be a suitable candidate for FUE.


FUE is generally known to be the best hair transplant method currently around. What makes FUE hair transplant so striking is how hairs are fixed: skilled technicians thoroughly map your hair growth before grafting, so they know where and on what side to spot each follicle.
It is a complex method that takes a lot of skill and expertise, but we think the outcome is worth it: with a successful FUE hair transplant, the donor’s hair begins, runs, and knows the way it used to. This is the highest-quality hair transplant available.

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