Hairline Lowering Surgery: How Does it Work?

hairline lowring

The face is what most people look at when addressing you. If you have a facial feature that doesn’t look normal, it presents a self-esteem challenge. People usually focus on a facial feature that doesn’t seem to appear to be normal. This makes someone feel quite uncomfortable. One of these features is a protruding forehead. A forehead that looks bigger compared to most people’s forehead makes you feel inferior or less than other people.

Many conditions can cause the forehead to appear larger than usual. Some of them include hair loss due to male pattern baldness, generic factors, scars from surgery, coronal brow lift, or brow lift. A larger than normal forehead limits the number of hairstyles one can have. If you feel that your forehead looks bigger, you can reduce the protraction using a technique called hairline lowering. Since it is impossible to reduce the forehead, its protection can be reduced by lowering the hairline.

Let’s look at the hairline lowering procedure and how it helps to reduce a large forehead.

How does Hairline Lowering Work?

Moving down the area where the hair starts growing in the forehead is the only way to reduce the effects of a protruding forehead. This is because it is not possible to reduce the size of the skull. This kind of treatment is known as hairline lowering surgery or scalp advancement. The procedure is commonly done during facial feminization surgery.

Who can undergo Hairline Lowering?

1. This method of hair restoration in the forehead area is more suitable for women than men.

2. If a woman has a higher hairline and a larger forehead.

3. A man with a thicker hairline and who is not prone to hair loss.

The patient who is to undergo hairline lowering should have a flexible forehead skin that can be stretched downward.

The Two Types Of Hairline Lowering Treatments

In the hair lowering procedure, there are two ways to go about it.

1. Hairline advancement using hair grafts

2. Surgical hairline advancement

In the hairline lowering technique using hair grafts is done, hair follicles are taken from an area that has richer hair implanted in front of the hairline to increase the hair. This procedure is easily done and doesn’t require surgery. Doing so will reduce the size of the forehead.

In hairline lowering surgery, surgery is done on the forehead, where part of the skin next to the forehead is removed. The skin’s thickness needs to be less than 2-3 cm thick. If it goes beyond that, it will not produce a natural result.


Choosing the right doctor to perform the hairline lowering procedure is paramount if you want the procedure done perfectly. A specialist will ensure that you get the desired results. Failure to do the proper research may lead to substandard treatments that may cause you problems in the future.

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