Forehead Reduction Surgery: Procedure, Cost and benefits

Larger foreheads may be due to heredity, hair loss, or other cosmetic methods. This surgical method, also known as hairline surgery, can help balance the dimensions of your face. It’s distinct from a brow lift method.

Continue reading to learn more about forehead reduction surgery, comprising surgery procedure, cost, and benefits:


Your hairline surgeon will take the subsequent steps during the method:

  1. The hairline and part of the forehead to be eliminated will be marked with a surgical skin marker. Great care is taken to ensure that the cut along the hairline protects the hair follicles and nerves.
  2. From the hairline to just up the brows, the whole forehead is dulled using a local sedative.
  3. A cut is made along the forehead and hairline, also called the pretrial incision. The surgeon will accurately divide the skin from the connective tissue beneath and cut out the area marked for replacement.
  4. The top cut along the hairline is then pulled down to join the forehead incision. This seals the gap and shortens the forehead.
  5. The skin is sutured together to reduce scar creation and is hidden almost wholly by the hairline upon hair regrowth.

 Cost of the hairline surgery?

Hairline surgery is a cosmetic method so that it won’t be met by medical insurance.

Most plastic surgeons will need to schedule a consultation before giving you a calculation of the fees required. Cost may differ depending on various parts, including the surgeon’s ability, the surgery’s extent, and more.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Appearance:

The method can decrease an over-sized forehead’s appearance, replacing balance and a good impact on the face.

  • Prompt Results:

After a rapid method and a short healing time, hairline surgery gives prompt results that could take up to 2 years to reach with hair transplants. The technique can also be done in combination with a brow lift, which smooths most forehead lines.

  • Hidden Scar:

While hairline surgery can give a scar, the scar tissue is hidden behind the hairline. In most examples, hair re-grows in front of the scar and by it, making it undetectable except the hair is wet.

  • Outpatient Method:

Like several cosmetic surgeries, healing time for hairline lowering is low, as the surgery is done on an outpatient base. In some cases, patients want to stay overnight to recover faster. Most plastic surgeons will suggest taking a week off to fulfill all healing steps, but in some instances, patients can return to their cycle in only two days after the method.


Therefore, hairline surgery has proved to be an effective method for hair regrowth. The procedure that will enhance your face beauty and boost your confidence level. I hope the information helped you and for more details and services, contact us.   

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