Half-Life 3: Could Have Been an L4D-Inspired Rouge-Lite

The makers had many different iterations of the sequel in mind and worked on many of those ideas. One of these ideas that almost made the famous rogue-lite game inspired it Left 4 Dead.

The second edition, Half-Life: Episode 2, was released back in 2007, Valve has had various iterations been worked on since then. But to imagine one with replay-able procedural structures, like Left 4 Dead, is a fun one.

Geoff Keighley detailed this idea in Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx. It was in development in 2013 and aimed at adding a procedural element to Half-Life. The players would have gone through a procedurally generated building as they seek to save hostages. While going around trying to save people, they will be engaging in random encounters with enemies. The main idea was to add the replay-ability to Half-Life, which would be surrounded by more traditional story elements to fill in the spaces.

They didn’t go through with it though

Valve decided not to go ahead with that version of the third game, but not because this isn’t what the first two were like. Valve’s Source Engine 2 was not equipped for such a deviation from the initial foundation, making the development of this idea difficult. Source 2 did not include features like lighting, save functionality, and visibility options. Without these, modeling outdoor areas with an engine that is better designed for blocky interior ones made the whole idea unfeasible to go ahead with. Thus, this idea was scrapped from Half-Life 3 and birthed the idea for Left 4 Dead 3.

There were other such ideas as well

The makers had plans to make different iterations at different times, including being inspired by various franchises and one point, even from Dark Souls. As 2014 arrived, improvement of Source 2 shelved all the practical ideas of Valve, like L4D 3, Half-Life three, and the RPG concept.

Half-life fans had to wait for way longer

Then, after five long years, Half-Life returned with Half-Life: Alyx. And Valve decided not to do away with the whole game structure but added exclusive VR. This was their way of trying something different with their gameplay. Alyx is reported to be the representation of the sixth attempt Valve made at this game. The game received a very warm welcome from audiences. Maybe it is the revival that the franchise needed.

The VR adds much value

The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx is available on Steam for purchase. It gives you an in-depth look into the game, plus has other could-have-been projects that Valve undertook. The game can be played on various VR headsets; thus, many of the players around the world were made privy to this chapter in the Half-Life story. The gameplay might seem familiar at the time, but the freshness of the new version remains intact.

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