Halo Infinite’s New Toy Creates Spoiler Buzz

Halo Infinite is Microsoft and 343’s love child. Both these companies have pocketed huge profits from the sales of and around this highly coveted video game. But before the fifth instalment comes out, the toy-making company that owns the rights to create Halo action figures might have given away a major spoiler. The company named Mega Construx launched a new toy-set called “Defense Point Showdown”. This set, mistakenly or otherwise, clearly shows the death of a very crucial star from Halo 5: Guardians. Fans since then have taken to the internet to find out what is happening with their favourite video game.

The image on Reddit started it all (Halo 5 Spoilers Ahead)

In a subreddit called, Gaming Rumors, surfaced a photo of the upcoming Mega Bloks set, and fans jumped onto make out what it meant. The fans let out a gasp as they laid their eyes on this horrific image, which if true, would mean the end of a fan-favorite character. The action-figure set, which shows the enemies in the game with their vehicle the Skiff, gave fans much to speculate about. The enemies in the collection include Master Chief and a brute named Hyperius, who is a part of the Banished, the game’s antagonist party. A helmet hangs from his shoulder, and on close inspection, we find out it belongs to spartan Jameson Locke. Jameson Locke, a Spartan-IV super-soldier, first appeared in Halo 2: Anniversary. He is/was a hotshot agent from the Office of Naval Intelligence.

There can be several explanations for the helmet!

Although toys and action figures have served as a storyline spoiler for video games for years, this picture doesn’t prove anything. The rumours are still just that, and if we were to believe 343’s community director, Brian Jarrard, the set indicates nothing. The toy sets are part of a road map he said, and the toy leak is just unfortunate but does not tell anything about the future of the game. So, this means that this spoiler could end up being not a spoiler and our trigger warning would become redundant. But also, if they are right then Locke dead, big time. Whatever the truth might be, one thing is clear, toy leaks and spoiler buzz still create publicity for the game and thus companies can be commercially motivated to give the fans these small bits to catch more customers.

When do we get to play this?

Halo 5: Guardians is all set to release later on this month. Even though Microsoft has not announced a date yet, it is reported that they will include Halo Infinite in the first part presentation on 23rd July. Four Halo Infinite Mega Blocs are available for pre-order right now. Check Amazon.

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Source: Halo Infinite’s New Toy Creates Spoiler Buzz

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