5 Reasons To Have A Hammock Chair In Your Office and How to Install It

What’s the one thing that comes to your mind when you think of your office and work?

Buy Hanging Chair Online for Outdoors and Indoors Locals of TexasWhen most people think of their office space, their first reaction is always in the lines of ”it’s extremely boring”, ”I feel so sleepy there”, ”people are always running” and so on.

So, why not dare add some fun to a very dull, formal setting to brighten up your and your co-workers’ workday?

But how? With a hanging chair!

Hammock chair in your office? No way!

Why not? Everyone needs a break from time to time. What’s a better way to relax than swinging in your hammock chair in the office?

A hammock chair can provide the feeling of heavenly bliss while still being present in your office.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some top reasons why having a hammock chair in the office is, in fact, a brilliant idea.

1. Amazing Naps 

There are times when everything frustrates you, and the only thing you need is a quick nap. Many people will frown upon the idea of napping at work. But, employers are quickly coming to realize that tired, sleep-deprived employees aren’t at their best. Google is a prime example. Google offers sleeping pods for employees to take a quick nap to recharge their energy.

Even if your work allows you to take a nap, the lack of a comfortable place to sleep at work forces people to take naps while sitting or avoid napping altogether. So what’s the solution? A hammock chair. Yes. You guessed it right.

Hammock chairs provide the best place for unique, refreshing naps. The swinging motion quickly relaxes your mind and puts you in deep sleep so that your body can get the rest it needs.

2. Great Place To Meditate 

Meditation can make everything better. Do you agree? But how do you even meditate on work? That’s a question, and everyone would like an answer, too. Good for you; we may just have an answer.

When people think of meditation, they imagine sitting cross-legged on the ground with eyes closed and body still. But, if you think that’s the only way to meditate, you’re wrong. If you’re someone who finds it challenging to sit still for more than a minute, welcome to modernity!

Meditation simply means living in the present. You can’t do that if you are constantly staring at your computer or mobile screens. So, what you need is a hammock chair. The hammock chair relaxes the body like nothing else. The swinging motion increases our ability to focus and balance. This helps your body go into zen mode quickly as compared to sitting still on the ground.

3. Say Goodbye to Back Pain 

Believe it or not, office chairs are an essential part of your office. But, what is the point of sitting in a chair if it isn’t comfortable? But that’s the hard truth. The majority of offices use incredibly uncomfortable chairs. So, if you are just short of throwing your chair out of the window, you need a hammock chair asap.

These office chairs are so uncomfortable because they offer little to no lower back support. As a result, sitting long hours on them can increase pressure on your lower back, giving rise to unbearable back pain. An uncomfortable chair can be the biggest distraction of your working day.

Hammock chairs can ease back pain significantly. This is because, unlike office chairs, hammock chairs naturally flow with your body shape and put no pressure on your spine.

4. Sensory Integration 

An estimated 5,437,998 adults have autism in the United States alone. Most employees secretly have autism as they fear being judged at the workplace. This can lower self-esteem. So, if your workplace has employees on the autism spectrum, installing a hammock chair can help them significantly.

People on the spectrum struggle with processing sensory input. So how does a hammock chair help? The swinging motion of the hammock is a great way to stimulate the photoreceptive and vestibular systems. When they swing on the chair, their body is forced to practice engaging all the senses at once.

Swinging on hanging chairs is like having the light around you, feeling the wind on your face, and feeling your muscles move back and forth. The more they do this, the more their brain and body can engage their senses and become more used to how they feel.

5. Improved Productivity 

When people suffer from job-related stress, they lose concentration, get distracted, and cannot pay attention to any task to complete it in the best possible way. They may jump from one task to another, thinking about making the best use of time to complete as much work as possible. The result is always low-quality work and highly stressed employees.

A study by Health Advocate shows that almost one million employees miss workdays and suffer from low productivity due to work-related stress, causing companies to lose $600 per employee per year. But, what if employees could get rid of work-related stress?

Hammock chairs can do that almost instantly. Hammock chairs elevate your upper body and allow for better circulation to the head. With its natural yet straightforward design, the hammock chair provides the support and comfort the body needs to relax. You become more relaxed as it sways, helping you slow down.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair At Your Office? 

If you are not the owner, please don’t forget to ask your boss before hanging a hammock chair. And if you are the boss, dive right in.

Step 1: Finding a Safe Place to Hang the Chair

Before you even entertain the idea of having a hammock chair at your office, search for the right place. The hammock chair will need to be away from the wall or desk at least 2 feet away to avoid colliding with them while swinging.

You will also need to find a joist or beam that can support at least 300 lbs without collapsing. Using a stud finder, find the internal beam or joist and mark the area.

Step 2: Installing mounting plate 

In the previous step, you marked the area. Attach the mounting plate precisely in the middle of the beam for best support. If you have the manual, follow the instructions to install the mounting plate.

Step 3: Attach the Hanging Chair

Once the mounting plate is in place, it’s time to attach the hanging chair. Measure the distance from the ground and ensure the hanging chair is no lower than 20 inches from the ground. Once you have found the proper heights, attach one end of the spring to the mounting plate and the other end to the hanging chair.

Step 4: Safety Check 

Before you sit on a hanging chair, it’s time for a safety check. Add some heavyweight to your chair to ensure it can hold weight without collapsing. Also, tug the chain and ropes to ensure they are strong enough to keep your weight.

Congratulations. You have successfully installed a hammock chair in your office—time to enjoy.

Wrapping Up: 

Most office spaces are not designed for enjoyment. After all, everyone is coming there to work and not to enjoy themselves. However, all play and no fun can take a toll on people working in the office.

And hence, hammock chairs are one of the best ways to add a fun element to your office space. Why not give it a try? You will know why it is such a fantastic thing to have. And as soon as you get one for your office, sooner or later, you will have one at home.

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