Handmade Flower Basket And Gifts For The Name Day

Name day presents can be a little confusing, especially if you hear it for the first time. But do you want to know the secret to nail this? Consider the day as one of the birthday bashes. Like chocolates, candies, and flowers, the similar gifts you would give are ideal for this festival. But you need to add a little twist in personalization. Here is how you can do your gift presentation:

Baby’s name day celebration

After the birth of the baby, everyone gets curious about the name given to him. The naming may not happen immediately, since Christians wait for christening. It is the same as baptism when a child gets named after a saint. Some countries refer to this celebration as a name day. To make your own gift set, you can get one of the plastic storage baskets and fill it with the baby’s essentials such as soft blankets, cute clothes, and wrap it with a plastic paper and a colorful silk ribbon.

Diy hanging baskets

Just like many other festivals, names day occasion is as huge. So, if you are celebrating it, you want to make a statement with hanging flowers on your balcony or entrance. Adding a burlap on a round-shaped planter and strings to hang will create the floral display a masterpiece.

Charming basket

Such a stunning luxury gift basket for a baby’s name day is worth it. Arranged with assorted baby’s essentials, a cuddly teddy bear, and beautiful blooms will cheer the mom. Make an impressive presentation with this charming gift to your dear ones.

Delightful presentation

When it’s that time to celebrate a names day for a dear mommy, everyone wants it extra special. Use distinctive flowers paired with a love chocolate cake, and scrub to keep your mom’s skin squeaky and fresh. Using a wicker tray, you can use the base with paper shreds and confetti to make it presentable.

Cheers on your name day

We know that this gift is going to impress a beer lover. Use it to wish your special someone a happy name-day, Valentine’s day, or a significant milestone. The red roses are synonymous with love, and that’s why they are ideal for a husband, a boyfriend, or lover—paired with some fun snacks that go well with the alcohol.

A girly little touch

When your BFF invites you for her name day celebration, you know that wine tossing is a must. A bottle of red wine will come handy, paired with mouth-watering chocs. Cover the inside of a wicker basket with a cloth, then bring in some graceful fresh pink roses that show that you are grateful for your friendship. That will also give it a feminine look.


The beauty of DIY flower baskets is that you precisely get what you want. People love presents that come with a personal touch. And the fun part is choosing the goodies you wish to, as you add some cute little gifts for your best friend. Do you see how easy that is? Go ahead and wish a happy name day to your family and those buddies celebrating this special occasion.

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