Handprints Childcare Centre Nursery Program

Our Nursery spaces are based on secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships. Our educators are attuned to children’s individual thoughts and feelings and it is their mission to get to know each of our youngest children as individuals as well as a part of their own family units. We respect parents, as their child’s first teacher and we want to create cohesive relationships with families to ensure that children’s individual family culture’s are represented in the classroom. Through secure relationships between educators and family’s children develop confidence, while feeling respected and valued. The children in the Nursery classrooms learn to appreciate connectedness and interdependence as learners, and to value collaboration and teamwork.   Turramurra Preschool

We believe that it is our holistic approaches that make our Nursery rooms different. Our educators pay close attention to children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive learning as they plan experiences for children based on their interest and needs. Educators meet with parents regularly so that parents can have input into their children’s goals and developmental focuses in the classroom. While educators may plan for children toward a specific outcome, they see learning as open ended and flexible and allow children to find a love for creativity and self-assurance in their own ideas as they work towards these outcomes or goals. There is no right or wrong in our Nursery spaces, just integrated, holistic and connected learning that enhances children’s capacity to understand and make sense of the world around them.

About Handprints Turramurra

Handprints Turramurra caters for 48 children over three classrooms. There are multiple outdoor areas with large trees, little hideaways, a pergola and a wraparound balcony. These spaces are designed to meet a variety of play needs with flexible use in mind for different types of weather. There are large windows with plenty of natural light flowing into the centre and home like features including floating floor boards and warm coloured cabinetry. Turramurra Childcare

Handprints Turramurra is a wonderful space for children, families and educators and reflects our Philosophy through the physical and social environments. We will continue to use high quality teaching strategies including utilising small groups so children can learn from each other as well as their teachers and an indoor/outdoor flexible program.

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