Hardest Golf Clubs to Use

Although many golfers tend to be good at one or two aspects of their game, it is rare to find a golfer who excels with all clubs in their bag. Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we also have difficulties with particular clubs. Here are our choices for the hardest clubs to use.

The Sand Wedge Bunkers are a nightmare for golfers for many different reasons. Not only are they hard to get out of on their own, but a complete nightmare for those who haven’t mastered the sand wedge. You will need to master the sand wedge if you intend on getting really good at golf, though.

The 1-Iron With hybrids gaining popularity and these sorts of clubs getting phased out by many golfers, many of us today don’t quite understand how difficult using a 1-iron is. This sort of club is great for driving far distances on the fairway, at least if you know how to use it correctly.

The Driver Using the driver effectively is perhaps the most important part of your game as a golfer. However, many people make up for their lack of driving skills by being good on the green, the fairway, and so on. Many people struggle with aiming their drives, getting enough distance, and their form.

The Putter Being a good putter is not easy. Nobody said that it is. This is one of the most frustrating clubs to use, especially if you have to account for inclines, declines, distance, and so on. If you struggle with your putter, you are not alone. Go spend some time at your local mini-golf course in order to solely practice this aspect of your golfing game.

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