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Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester LHRS-150 -Touch Screen- Max. Spec.Height 17cm, Traditional weight system, Automatic loading /uploading, is fit for finishing up precise outcomes with one-time testing which implies the outcomes are absolutely dependable. It depends on the size of eated well with the tremendous measure of power straightforwardly upon the article. Later on, the profundity of the space is estimated through rockwell hardness tester and afterward changed over into the number on the hardness scale.

As of late, purchasers have started to depend progressively upon electronic paint meter to precisely survey paintwork quality. In contrast to visual investigations, these instruments give solid and quantifiable estimation results.

From the start, proficient and moderate paint investigation techniques were restricted to utilizing magnets or erroneous attractive draw off analyzers. Other than having impediments in exactness and goal, the biggest downside of numerous attractive instruments is their powerlessness to decide paint thickness on something besides steel. Present day car development techniques currently incorporate materials, for example, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic.

Gloss Meter Applications:

  1. Measurement of Paint and Dope surface gloss on Car, Electronic appliance and Musical instrument industry.
  2. Measurement of floor board, marble, granite and ceramic tile gloss on architecture, decoration industry.
  3. Measurement of printing ink and paper on Printing and Casing industry.
  4. Hard drawn aluminum alloys

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About TestCoat:

At Testcoat we pride ourselves as a premier source of quality engineered, hand-held Dry Film coating thickness gauges- Paint meters – QNix® CrashCheck, QNix® Handy, QNix® 1200, QNix® 1500, QNix® 4200, QNix® 4500, QNix® 5500, QNix® 7500, QNix® 8500 QNix® 9500 – previously QuaNix, as well as other paint-related physical test equipment from the world’s best manufacturers of precision industrial instruments. We are a U.S. based company founded over 10 years ago and a supplier of Non-destructive testing devices for quality control. Our responsibility and commitment to our clients and partners are to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet the needs of inspectors, coaters, appraisers in the quality control industry – ensuring that our customers have a seamless experience during our delivery and after sales services. We collaborate with the best manufacturers for brinell hardness tester, Gloss Meter, dry film gauge and other materials around the world to ensure that the products and services provided are of the best quality.

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