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The many benefits of combining two of humanity’s most beloved pastimes—eating and listening to music—have long been praised. Musical entertainment for dinner guests dates back to ancient Rome, and the tradition of singing minstrels can still be heard at mediaeval feasts.

More and more eateries are adopting the practise of playing soft background music, and the range of styles being played is expanding. Music is an essential aspect of the atmosphere in any eating establishment, and any bar or café owner will confirm this.

Our reputation as one of the world’s finest venues for live music has helped us earn a place at the top of the live music bar la paz list at Captains Sunset Bar.

Influence strongly felt on the heart

An individual’s mood can be profoundly altered by his or her musical preferences. By bolstering the bars’ brand and fitting in with the style, the right tones can help one establish a consistent tone in all communications.

Drinking increases when loud music is playing because it makes it difficult to talk to others.

This is great news if you’re at a bar or nightclub, but you should probably keep your cool at that expensive restaurant. On the other hand, there could be unforeseen results from playing music too softly or, even worse, not playing music at all.

Diners may enjoy their meals in peace and quiet without having to worry about being overheard by other patrons or waiting for service because music serves as a sound barrier.

Impacts on the meal you’re cooking

Listening to music while dining has been shown to enhance the flavour of whatever you’re eating. Long-term research into the connection between music and taste has showed that low-pitch sounds enhance the flavour of savoury dishes, while high-pitch notes do the same for sweets.

When it’s too noisy, it’s hard to pick out distinct flavours, which ruins the experience of eating and drinking. Go to a restaurant that plays music that complements the food (cafés and bakeries, for example, should play high-pitched melodies, while bars and pizzerias should go for low, deep sounds) and turn it up a little bit.

Listening to music is a great way to kill time while waiting.

A recent study found that waiting in line while listening to music was relaxing for participants. People waiting in line could benefit from listening to soothing music. Slow music, contrary to popular belief, can make the time fly by just as quickly as fast music.

If you’re waiting in line for your morning brew, most cafés will play some kind of relaxing music to help you pass the time. The bartenders at la paz sunset bars are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

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