Have the possibility to merge Dofus Retro servers

Want to harvest or migrate resources? You should be suited by this material! Dofus set level 200, for all courses. You can get the connection of this set on DofusBook, in addition to all our outfits. This one is particular as you wish and you can adapt it, according to your own needs and Dofus Kamas!

The goal here is to optimize one feature: the Pods. This equipment is clearly not designed to fight and we could play it. Smash every one of those parts to boost durability and pods, if you can. As a reminder, 1 of Power = 5 pods. Riding your transactions will also allow you to win.

This really is a non-visible component on Dofusbook, but it’s possible to equip a Familiar Pods AND a Dragoturkey! This one will give you another inventory that may accommodate 3050 Pods of objects, 6100 with the special capacity”Carrier”. We have not included them on the calculation of total pods. As a result of Pets’ redesign, Pods’ bonus has increased from 1000 to 2000! A godsend!

Our sights are about the Harebourg Account Set that is exact Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro. With two equipments (maximum for your Trophies), you thus gain 50 of Power, which is to say 250 Pods. The pieces chosen to represent it would be the Headdress, one of the rare headdress using 100 of Power and the ring, together with 50, marginally less than a ring Crustique but greater through the incentive of panoply.

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