Have you encountered a traffic accident? Here’s what you need to do now!

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life. You are driving extremely well on the road and suddenly a random car crashes into your front or back. We understand that you are not at fault here. However, the damage is done and even you are bound to follow some important steps to get out of this heavy mess.

According to the safety campaign Keep Your Eyes on the Road, there are around 50,000 accidents on Australian roads each year. While no one wants to think about the potential danger of a car accident, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what to do next.

A car accident is usually rare, and whether you are the driver or passenger, you are likely to be shaken by the experience. Knowing what to do in this situation can help you stay calm and act quickly to protect yourself and others.

Basic steps to be taken immediately after a traffic accident!

Driving is probably the most dangerous activity in your daily life. You never know when a drastic event will happen and therefore you have to suffer serious damage. But now that you’re safe (Thank God!) and your car has just been in an accident, there are some important steps you can take right away so you don’t have to suffer too much damage.

Call the police immediately—Since there has been a car accident or crash, you will need to call the authorities at the scene. They will immediately deal with the matter and take all necessary records of the incident.

Call Emergency—There is no need to call 000 (Triple Zero)  if there are no injuries at the scene. But if you or a person in the other car is seriously injured or even shows some concussions or scratches, then do not delay calling 000 immediately.

Take some records yourself – You have to be very active and alert when there is such a scene. Even if the police are late, do not let the other car owner go. Record all important details such as number plates, vehicle colour and model, and insurance details; and if possible click the picture or record a video of the person driving the car.

Claims Insurance—If your vehicle is seriously damaged, the insurance company is responsible for paying for the damage. Be sure to submit all necessary evidence and documents.

Let the at-fault party pay for the damage – You can take legal action against the person or even discuss it among yourselves to make sure you get the amount you need to fix your car.

Call movers to collect your vehicle — If your vehicle is severely damaged and you are unable to collect it, you should call used car removal service providers to collect it.

Scrap and Return – In some cases, the condition of the car cannot be repaired and it is left at your property by a local towing company. But since the car is seriously damaged and is currently just a scrap, it is better to get cash for scrap cars who will replace this damaged car and give you a nice price in return. Then you can decide to buy a new car with the insurance money.

We understand that a car accident can shake you up inside. But it is always wise to think calmly and take appropriate measures.

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