Have you ever seen anyone being detained?

It’s easy. It’s only a matter of time before they ban people from aion classic kinah doing multiple repeats per run. There’s always someone raising alts.

In the moment, I truly believe that it will happen and we get bannedbecause I’d love to be right. It will restore my faith that people aren’t really making this big of a fuss about getting banned due to being caught cheating.

As long as that doesn’t happen, I’ll remain a believer in it is the case that those who are guilty will always feel innocent when they’re taken into custody, in front of a crowd of people who claim to be the exception , and therefore innocent.

Have you ever seen anyone being detained? It’s always “I did nothing wrong!” Until that evidence is out that proves their wrongdoing. There’s a whole industry (criminal defense attorneys) who’s sole focus is trying to convince people that you’re innocent when , more often than not you’re guilty.

Stop trying to convince me that you’re not alone, and that you’re really honest because nothing can convince me other than the fact of NCSoft explicitly announcement that “Exiting and entering a dungeon in order to complete a quest a number of times will be punished with being banned.”

What’s the number of members of your legion? Did everyone report their ban status? There could be people getting banned but not stating that they were banned on discord.

Your logic is frighteningly like “my family does not wear masks (do repeatable tasks) and we haven’t suffered from covid (did not be banned), so not wearing mask (doing repeatables) doesn’t increase the chances of you getting covid (getting exiled)”

“Have you ever seen anyone arrested?” It’s always “I haven’t done anything wrong!” until they see evidence showing exactly what they didn’t do. ”

or when they’re proving to be deceitful or lying, it can go in both directions. If you are adamant that a company is known for making up stories at all times (and NCSHiT is incredibly good at that) but then you’ll probably not be buy aion classic kinah eu able to continue the discussion because you are so in a rut and blindly follow this kind of organization. In reality, when the government tells you something, I bet you take it as the holy word or some such thing. Anyway, live the good life , young grasshopper.

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