Have You Tried The Special Halloween Bubble Tea?

Everyone loves Halloween and Halloween parties. As you, your friends, and loved ones spend time together and hit the town, plain and regular drinks can seem boring. How wonderful it would be if your drinks were in the theme of the occasion. If you are looking for something special for Halloween, a Gong cha café is the place you should be heading to. Celebrating this Halloween, we are offering a special drink themed on the occasion. Our Special Edition Drink – Vampire Bite will be available through the month of October. It is spooky, delicious, and everything else you want it to be, because you can have the sugar, tea, milk, and other factors personalized to your specifications, just like any other drink on our menu.

You can customize our bubble tea, premium tea, and coffee all year round, but this Halloween we have developed something special for the occasion that tastes best in October.

About Gong cha

Gong cha is a global beverage franchise specializing in freshly prepared bubble tea. Founded in 2006 in Taiwan, our successful model has allowed us to grow into 1800-strong stores worldwide. Today, we have cafes in 20 countries, including hundreds in the United States. And we are always adding new stores just like new themed drinks, flavors, ingredients, and toppings to our menu.

There is always something new at Gong cha. You just have to find the nearest bubble tea café.

Making the Most of Halloween

There is more to Halloween than all the spooky costumes and decorations. You will be surrounded by friends and loved ones. It is that time of the year, you want to enjoy things the best.

You don’t want the drinks to be plain. In fact, it would be great if everything was themed around the occasion. At a Gong cha café near you, you can entertain yourself and your friends with a spooky-a-licious drink. In addition to our existing, vast menu with over 600 possible combinations, we are sure you will be mesmerized by our Halloween-themed bubble tea recipe that has been specially formulated by our master tea craftsmen.

About the Halloween Vampire Bite

The Vampire Bite is our special treat this Halloween. In the words of Gong cha’s spokesperson, “Innovation has always been part of our story. It has been one of the most instrumental factors that have driven us to success, growing our brand from just a single store in Taiwan in 2006 to 1800-plus cafes worldwide. As part of that tradition, we always innovate and offer new flavors and ingredients to our guests every new season and special occasion. Our Vampire Bite is part of the special drink for this Halloween.”

The Vampire Bite features Pearls, Herbal Jelly, Strawberry, and Milk. It will be available beginning 1st October and through to 31st October. So, you will not have to complain that you missed out on the special drink. You will have an entire month at your behest to savor this Halloween-themed boba.

If you want to find a Gong cha café near you, feel free to contact us at inquiries@gongchausa.com or fill out this Online Form.

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