Hayward pool lighting – Maytronics robotic pool cleaner

Being fully a robot created for frequent use, adjusting the filtration is simple and is able to do maintenance jobs quickly and comfortably. In addition, this robot is specially created for swimming pools that, due to its spot, accumulate plenty of dust or sand at their bottom. However the features of Hayward share cleaners do not end here. It includes a purification case that despite their great porosity is extremely resilient and with a purification volume, it manages to capture the smallest waste.

In torontopoolsupplies.ca, we love to add the most recent technologies for the optimal share maintenance, therefore Hayward includes a brand new intelligent navigation program that stops the forming of knots in the pool.  At torontopoolsupplies.ca, we also handle the two-stage house furnace and hayward pool lighting.

From time to time, specially in the busiest situations of the entire year, our share needs complete cleaning and maintenance. Certainly, we cannot empty it continually to go to such cleaning but you will find intelligent solutions to completely clean the soles such as for example the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner. They’re their innumerable benefits:

Do not empty your share, or immerse your self as a diver to proceed to completely clean the underside of one’s pool. This really is an impossible mission. To wash the underside of the share it is better to make the most of the benefits provided by new technologies such as for example the Hayward pool cleaner.  Revolutionary technology suitable for any type of share, equally public and private.

Small in proportions, suitable for storage in virtually any storage space, it’s specially created for pools that have a square shape. Their use is simple and doesn’t need great knowledge in terms of the equipment of this type is concerned. The robot submerges to the underside of the share and sweeps it, washes it and sucks it instantly removing all of the dust that’s at the bottom. And not only there, but additionally on the share surfaces themselves.

To do your job, the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner robot begins a 2-hour cycle. To reach their goal, it works on the PVA brush that’s compatible with all kinds of pools and surfaces along with any type of coatings, that’s cement, ship, fibre – a brush that also doesn’t damage the top and is adherent. This is the newest engineering manufactured by Hayward and you’ll find within our online store of pools and accessories.

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