“He tried to auction me and forced me to sleep with friends” – Karishma gives terrifying account on Sunjay Kapur

Karishma Kapoor, one of the beautiful and successful Bollywood film actors of the 1990s and 2000s, had revealed some shocking details about Sunjay Kapur. The star of the Biwi No.1 movie disclosed that Sunjay Kapur had once auctioned her to one of Sunjay Kapur’s friends. She said this during her divorce proceedings.

Her marriage with Sunjay Kapur was an arranged one in 2003, and they have two children called Samaira and Kiaan. Her relationship with Sunjay Kapur was not smooth-running. She had distressful incidents after marriage. She had disclosed that Sunjay Kapur had beat her up for refusing to sleep with his friends. Sunjay Kapur had tried to force her to sleep with his friends and even went to the extent of trading her at auction to one of Sunjay Kapur’s friends.

She claims that Sunjay Kapur never followed up his financial commitments. To this Sunjay Kapur alleges that Karishma married him for his money. Both Sunjay Kapur and Karishma Kapoor left each other to end the relationship in 2014 after 11 years. They had an ugliest divorce battle with both of them levelling nasty accusations against each other. Sunjay Kapur and his mother Rani are alleged for dowry harassment too.

Sunjay Kapur had once asked his mother Rani to slap Karishma, who revealed this in one of her court hearings. Sunjay Kapur’s mother Rani who was her then mother-in-law gave her a dress as a gift. Karishma was pregnant at that time and couldn’t fit into it. Seeing it, Sunjay Kapur asked his mother to slap her. She added that Sunjay Kapur vehemently looked at his mother and asked her, “Why don’t you slap her?”.

She was fighting legally with Sunjay Kapur to win the custody of their children. In the process, they leveled serious condemnations against each other in public trying to prove that the other is an unfit parent. During one of the court proceedings, she made serious allegations against Sunjay Kapur for his relationship with another woman.

She added that Sunjay Kapur’s mother supported him in such situations and even his physical relationship he had with his first wife. Sunjay Kapur continued the relationship after his marriage with Karishma.

They both got a divorce in 2016, with Sunjay Kapur losing the custody of their children to Karishma. However, Sunjay Kapur was allowed to see their children occasionally. Sunjay Kapur was accused for never caring for his wife and living with another woman. In return, Sunjay Kapur claimed that Karishma is never a good mother and she married him because she had a broken engagement earlier.

Now Sunjay Kapur is married to Priya Sachdev and they have a son in that relationship.

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