Health and Good Hygiene Habits that should form Part of Your Daily Routine

Brush your teeth twice a day; put your hand in front of your mouth when you cough or sneeze; wash your hands before and after certain activities-these are hygiene habits that everyone is familiar with. Most of us are aware that health and hygiene go hand-in-hand and yet we have, perhaps surprisingly to some of us, all been guilty of less than scrupulous hygiene practices. Heck, we might not even realize that some or other habit that we have constitute bad hygiene!

When it comes to infection prevention, one can never be too careful. We are not saying you should strive to emulate Sheldon Cooper, but there are certain simple health and hygiene habits that can and should form part of your daily routine.

Five Hygiene Habits Everyone Should Follow

1- Disinfecting Hands After Handling Money: We are not suggesting that you run to the restroom to wash your hands every time you have handled money, but it might be a good idea to carry a hand sanitizer in your rucksack or bag. Numerous studies have found that coins and notes-which are frequently touched by unwashed hands, dropped on the floor, and, in the case of the latter, perhaps even used to take drugs-are literally crawling with germs.

2- Showering with Soap Before Swimming: Most of us tend to take a shower after swimming in a public swimming pool but by that time our germs [including, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 0.14 grams of fecal matter have already washed off into the swimming pool, where the next swimmer will swim through it. Taking a quick shower with disinfectant soap is not only neighborly but a way to form a barrier to proactively protect yourself from whatever may be swimming around in the pool with you.

3- Hanging Clothes in the Sun to Dry: When the weather is being less than friendly, the tumble dryer can be your go-to option, but you should try to hang your clothes in the sun to dry as often as possible. The sun’s rays are known to kill certain disease-causing germs and parasites.

4- Keeping Hands Away from Face: It goes without saying that you should wash your face twice a day with a good soap or face wash, but you should also make an effort to avoid touching your face throughout the day. Whether it is touching up our makeup, absently resting our chins on our hands in a meeting, or wiping the sweat from our brows after a strenuous workout, we are guilty of touching our faces more often than we realize. Whilst the first rule of germ protection is to keep your hands as clean as possible, the germs that accumulate on your hands throughout the day are not the actual problem-they become problematic when your hands come into contact with your face. Quite simply, your nose, mouth, and eyes are the most direct portals for germs to enter your body.

5- Bathing or Showering Once a Day: As universally accepted as this habit is, we have all been guilty of turning to the shower-in-a-can to banish body odor when we are in rush and do not have time to take an actual shower or bath. As [questionably] effective as deodorant may be in getting us to smell clean, it does not rid our bodies of the germ build-up of the previous day. Should you shower in the morning or in the evening? Hygienists differ on this, but we would recommend the morning, as showering or bathing with a disinfectant soap at the start of the day serves to a certain extent to protect you against the onslaught of germs you will face throughout the day.

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