Healthy Food for a Healthy Dog

Taking care of your beloved pooch, and ensuring a proper and healthy growth for them, should always be a priority. The most important aspect of this is food! The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), with the help of its Proficiency Testing Program, has developed standard guidelines for pet food, which the commercial dog food brands need to follow and maintain. Pet food that meets these AAFCO standards should always be your go-to while purchasing food for your pooch. However, there are more aspects to consider while choosing pet foods, like –

· What does the label say?

As your dogs are essentially wolves, their main diet needs to be meat. So, on the ingredient list, you should look for meat based items, specially located on top of the list. You should avoid foods with excessive chemicals or preservatives, and prefer the ones rich in fibre content from wheat, corn, or soy.

· What do other people say?

After doing the preliminary research yourself, it never hurts to ask other pet owners or dog training service providers for their opinions on various dog food brands. However, as everyone has a different opinion and preferences, you should make a decision only after weighing in your own dog’s requirements and preferences.

· What does your doggo say?

Yes! Since you’re getting the food for your pet, you need to consider them first priority! When you’re trying to change your dog food, you should first bring in small packs of 2-3 different varieties. Give your dog different varieties to try and note their reactions to them. Once you find the food that suits your dog’s gut and appetite, start by adding little doses of this new food with their old one. After few days, when you have fully shifted to the new item, you also need to have patience for about 3-4 weeks, to be able to notice any difference in your pooch’s attitude, behaviour and health.

· Keep it Invigorating.

Don’t bore your pets with the same food every single day. Experts suggest rotating your dog’s diets in every 2-6 months- in case you’re giving them commercial dog food. In case you’re making the food at home, make sure to follow the recipes to keep the food nutritionally balanced. Try new recipes to bring variety and fun to the lives of your beloved pooches.

Following these simple steps will help you make sure your pooches are getting everything they deserve. Moreover, to avoid any slip-ups, you could also always discuss things with pet vets or puppy training programs in Fort Lauderdale, like Michelle, at Thunderdogz. So, choose the best for your pooch today. After all, what you eat is what you are!


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