Heard of breathing NFTs?- get to know about ZED RUN Clone.


Games are Universal, every people around have the like towards any specific game. Let it be physical game or universal game, the craze for games are natural and inevitable. With the growth of technology online games have started to enter every people’s life. Games association with NFTs are an added revolution. By the NFT games the players are experiencing a new life of gaming where they are allowed to earn while play. The gaming characters are being tokenised as Non-Fungible Tokens and are traded in the platform where the digital collectors purchase the tokens and use it in their games.

Evolution of Horse Racing

ZED Run is digital horse race game where the players aren’t only allowed to race with the horses but also certain actions. Horse racing and betting on the game is already prevailing in the society whereas this game is same where the horses are used for race and the players can buy, sell the horse and allow them for breeding. These digital horses are called as ‘Breathing NFTs’ because they have their own DNA and have the ability to procreate. When the owner of the token allows it for breeding he has an added advantage of ownership of the token since a distinctive result has emerged. This game has variety of horses and when allowed to breed the result horse has a chance of improved power since it is a cross-breed. Developing a ZED  Run Clone will pave the way for an improved form of income by a interesting game. This game has  the long running yard and player with the top spots would be rewarded with additional prizes which they can use in their course of game.

At INORU we are well-versed in developing NFT marketplaces, with the ready made marketplace we would customise the platform and provide it to you. Reach out to us and  get your ZED RUN Clone marketplace done by which you become a digital hockey and earn in millions.

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