Hectron: Bringing French Innovation in Manufacturing Automatic Filtration Systems

The innovative company Hectron, specialist in automatic filtration, has existed for more than 30 years: it designs and produces automatic self-cleaning filters considered as reliable and very durable by the specialists of the sector.

These filters have the remarkable specificity of being able to operate at low or high pressure, with various flow rates, and by adapting easily to a wide range of filtration fineness.

Hectron automatic water filter is intended for the equipment of heat pump protection installation in collective buildings, drinking water treatment, protection of factory networks, irrigation and micro-irrigation, lake or river water filtration, sea water filtration or domestic drilling.

Craftsmen, individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and large groups all constitute the large clientele for these quality products.

Hectron puts at your disposal a complete and informative website to better know its range of products as well as their technical characteristics and functionalities, and the applications they are intended for.

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