Helical anchors: where are they applied?

A helical anchor is a steel shaft consisting of a series of helical plates surrounding the steel shaft at strategic positions. The anchors are screwed into the ground like a nail is screwed into the wall using hydraulic attachment machinery. After they are securely inside, helical anchors apply tension and compress the surrounding soil to secure the building’s foundation. Many contractors prefer this building solution because of its benefits. It is easy to install and makes work easier. The versatility offered by helical anchors makes them easy to use in various constructions. Let’s find out a few of them.


  • A new home


Building a home is a significant investment. Unless you decide to sell the property, the chances are that you intend to spend the rest of your days in your home. Therefore, a lot of effort and attention should go into laying the groundwork for your foundation to ensure stability and longevity. It only takes a few years for a home built on an unstable foundation to start developing cracks on the wall and experience drainage issues. This damage happens because the foundation is in an area with low soil quality. Helical anchor installation is perfect for ensuring your foundation is strong enough to bear the weight of the construction. They are screwed deep into the ground to compress the soil and prevent it from shifting. The surface area occupied by helical anchors is enough to sustain the weight of your home.


  • Commercial bridges


Have you ever wondered how a bridge can sustain the weight of cars and pedestrians? It is quite intriguing how a bridge held up by several poles is that stable. However, you should know that the foundation is deep enough to bear the bridge’s weight and maintain its stability. To obtain a depth that can hold the load capacity of the bridge, engineers use helical anchors. The next time you use a heavy-duty bridge, remember to appreciate the helical anchors holding it up.


  • Solar and wind farms


The demand for clean and sustainable energy increases daily. That means more solar farms are being put up countrywide to keep up with demand. The solar arrays need to be firm to withstand wind, corrosion, and other lateral forces. Helical anchors are a suitable solution for strengthening the foundation of the solar panels. The installation process is easy and time-saving. You can install over 100 solar panels in a day. If you are working on an existing solar farm, maneuvering around the solar arrays can be challenging. In cases like this, it is advisable to use small construction machinery, such as a mini-excavator, to install the helical anchors.


  • Event tents


If you host annual festivals or regular parties, chances are the tents are erected at the same place during each event cycle. Over time, this can be costly or cause damage to the ground. Helical anchors offer a better solution that is favorable to the environment and saves money. All you have to do is install the number of helical anchors needed to accommodate all the tents. Once they’re in place, you can attach and reattach the tents to the anchors without digging up the ground every time.

There are more constructions, such as skyscrapers, that require helical anchors. Nonetheless, this article gives you an idea of where you can apply helical anchors. S & B Helical supply and install helical piers to all these construction sites and more.

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