Helm: Full Slayer Helmet

So far, it’s working very good and I only need to OSRS gold bank when I can’t hold any further drops. You’re seriously better off with a whip rather than Guthan’s war spear. The damage per second of the spear is awful, so only re-banking when you want to is quicker. Switch into a whip when you don’t have to heal then. Simple to solve.

Helm: Full Slayer Helmet – While I’m not killing them to get a slayer task, the Full Slayer Helm provides excellent defence to get a ranged helm, as well as gives a bonus to ranged attack, even when I do not get the 15% incentive since it isn’t a slayer task. Amulet: Armadyl Pendant – Inexpensive Armadyl item. I now have an offer in to get an Armadyl Stole to replace it, but it likely won’t buy for a little bit.

Body: Saradomin Body – aids get to Armadyl’s Eyrie, and lets me kill Aviansies at the middle area of this God Wars Dungeon if the eyrie becomes too crowded (but it usually does not ). Legs: Dragon Plateskirt – While imposes a ranged attack punishment, the excellent triumphed defence counteracts that. One day I may substitute Dragon Platelegs to look a bit better, but it simply isn’t cheap for me. Boots: Snakeskin Boots – Nifty ranged attack bonus as well as ranged defence bonus.

Cape: Ava Accumulator – Who would not utilize this while that range? Weapon: Rune Crossbow – Great one-handed ranged weapon. Can’t wait till dragon comes out! Ammo: Broad-Tipped Bolts – Affordable and great ranged strength bonus! Shield: Toktz-ket-xil – Excelent ranged defence to buy RS gold get a little ranged attack penalty. Not a poor trade-off.

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