Help Your Favorite College Student Finish Strong with These ideas

It’s the final stretch of the fall semester and officially go time for your favorite student. Gone are the “I’ll make up for it on the next one” tests: the final projects and exams are quickly approaching. If you’re within arm’s reach of a student, give them a hug—they could use it.

rsIf not, here are a few fun gifts and thoughtful things you can do to help them finish strong.

Fuel Them Up with Coffee

Learning, partying, and being broke pretty much go hand in hand with the college experience. So what’s that one thing that basically all college students could use a little more of? Coffee. It’s that magic liquid that powers them through the days, and if they can get it for free, even if it’s bad, they’ll take it.

You can treat them to a coffee date next time you’re in town, or look for alternative coffee-delivery methods. Shop around for funny coffee mugs online and include a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop. They’ll get a chuckle and that much-needed caffeine buzz for their next all-nighter.

A Complete Study Station

Every student has that area where they get stuff done. Maybe it’s a cozy chair, a quiet corner of the library, or a more traditional desk cluttered with coffee cups, jotter pens, and long-lost assignments. If your favorite student is a desk person, supply them with some organizational tools to make them feel like they have at least one thing pulled together and organized. Desk sets are simple yet thoughtful gifts, and your student will love having a place to keep all of their school essentials.

Clear the Slate with New Accessories

You might be surprised how something as simple as a new laptop sleeve can do a lot for our confidence. Anytime you upgrade your daily essentials, it puts a little pep in your step. As the fall semester comes to its end, your favorite student probably could use a clean slate, and upgrade, for Spring.

Whether you get them a new shirt, a new tote bag, or resupply them with fresh jotter pens, it reminds them that someone is in their corner rooting for them. Hopefully, your gift inspires them to get through finals week in successful style.

Promise a Shopping Spree

If the college student you have in mind is your own and you have a financial stake in the progress of their degree, how strongly they finish matters. (Thanks mom and dad!) If you feel they could use a little motivation or you need to “grease the wheels” a bit, consider bribing them with a shopping spree at the end of the semester. Even if you know they’ve got all of their schoolwork locked down, college is tough, so they deserve it at the end of a long semester.

Write Some Words of Encouragement

Words of encouragement go a long way, especially during the trying time known as finals week. Your favorite student is a rock star, and you know it, but they might forget from time to time. Stressful situations are imposter syndrome’s favorite time to strike! Pour your heart out or send them a cute little doodle of them walking across the graduation stage on some cute stationery to keep their eyes on the prize. Whatever you send, make it thoughtful and totally dorm room wall worthy, and they’ll have something to keep them going until the end of the semester.

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