Helpful tips for drying linen clothes at home:

Are you planning to wash and dry linen clothes, you should know that linen needs extra care while washing and drying. Let us learn in the following what laundry pick up service has offered tips.

White linen dries best in the sun:

Never put linen in the dryer: the natural fiber can contract and it will spoil the garment. After washing by hand or in the washing machine without spin the textiles are still wet. You can dry them in different ways, namely:

– Just hung on a leash

– Using a towel

– Carefully laid out on the drying rack

On the leash, you can hang the garment straight so it dries in the right shape. Alternatively, first, roll it into a terry towel and take as much of the water as possible, which is still in the linen. This shortens the drying process.

Knitted linen, which is also called jersey, should be spread on an empty drying rack, where it gets a lot of air from all sides while lying down. You can hang white linen in the sun, where it bleaches something else. Dyed linen, on the other hand, dries better in a shady or partially shaded spot.

You can do that against the wrinkles:

When you wash linen clothes, it quickly develops creases. These are the best smoothed when ironing the fabric while it is still wet. Always iron linen from the left side. The material tolerates high temperatures – on many irons even the setting “linen” is given. Dry clothes iron with a steam iron to moisten them.

Tip: If you are traveling, take the garment out of the suitcase and hang it after showering in the steam, which also smoothes the wrinkles.

You must pay attention to the care of old linen:

Old linen can often be bought online for a relatively low price: Some people do not know what to do with the fabric. The nice thing is that it is often of very good quality, so you can treat it like new stuff. However, you should examine it carefully: If it has been a long time, stains may form. In this case, wash the linen as hot as possible. The best option is to use a laundry pick up service.

Always make sure that the textiles are completely dry before you put them in the cupboard. Especially bed linen, which you fold up and stack on top of each other, may otherwise develop mold. Clothes, shirts, and trousers made of linen hang on iron in the closet.

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