Helpful Tips to Clean and Keep Your RC Vehicle Running for the Long Haul

Weather conditions aren’t always ideal for RC driving. Even when you’re driving on a bright and clear spring day, dirt, debris, and dust are as much a part of the RC driving experience as speed and torque are. If you don’t want your RC vehicle to get dirty, then your best option would be to keep it on the shelf in a sealed case. But since there’s no fun in that, the second-best option is to clean your RC cars and trucks frequently and thoroughly.

To ensure that you’re protecting your RC cars and trucks from environmental damage and are keeping them running smoothly, here are a few handy tips and tricks.

Use the Right Tools

Everyone has their own preferred way to clean their RC cars and trucks, but some things like the chosen cleaning tools stay the same. If you’re new to the RC world, then it’s best to pick up a few cleaning essentials and keep them in your toolbox whenever you go out and drive your RC vehicle.

Compressed air either from an air compressor or a can is useful for removing large pieces of mud or debris from hard-to-reach areas quickly. Also, having a few different brushes including a soft bristle brush, a stiff brush, and a long bristle brush will ensure that you can get into every crack and crevice of the vehicle.

Liquid cleaner will be your new best friend for cleaning your vehicle’s chassis and arms as specialized RC vehicle cleaners will work to degrease and deep clean your RC car or truck with hardly any work on your end.

Clean It ASAP

If you want to have an easier time cleaning your vehicle, you should clean it as soon as you’re done driving for the day. Mud and clay can be difficult to remove from plastic parts after it dries, so to save the frustration and elbow grease, it’s best to take care of it as soon as possible.

Cleaning your RC vehicles right after driving will ensure that your fast RC cars and speedy RC trucks are ready to go for the next race. Once you’re done driving, turn off the power and remove the battery. Use your brush to sweep away any loose dirt or dust, and if you encounter any tricky parts, put cleaning solution on a cloth and rub them away, being mindful of sensitive parts like your bearings and electronics.

Don’t Forget Your Bearings

The bearings in fast remote control cars and quick RC trucks are perhaps the most delicate and are prone to collecting dust, dirt, grime, and seizing up if not properly cared for. Especially if you drive your vehicle in humid weather, you’ll need to protect them with the appropriate oil to keep them spinning smoothly and freely without having to replace them every few drives.

Sweat the Details

Once you’ve cleaned the chassis and other parts of the RC car or truck, you can focus on detailing your wheels, tires, and the body of the vehicle to make them look their absolute best. If you’re cleaning your tires and body out at the track, be mindful of others and try not to make a mess. You’ll find that many tracks will have dedicated tire cleaning stations to confine the dirt and mud. You can use your RC vehicle cleaner on these parts in most cases, but double-check and do a test first to make sure you don’t damage your paint or tires.

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