Hens Party Basics – What You Ought to Know


A hens party is held to celebrate the impending wedding of someone who has recently gotten engaged. It’s not just the bride-to-be who enjoys a good party; all her closest friends want to get in on the fun! With so many elements that can make up such an event, it may seem overwhelming to plan one on your own. Here we’ve listed the basics of a hens party, so read on, and you’ll be sure to have the best time possible!

Hens Party Themes

Choosing the theme for your hens party is the first step to throwing a good hens party. With so many possible themes to choose from, you may be overwhelmed. When selecting a hens party theme, look for something unique and fun. Keep it simple and ensure that everyone is getting involved. From traditional fancy dress to Disney princess theme, there are plenty of options for themes that guarantee a fun evening. Add cheap hens night supplies that go well with the theme to have the best hens night ever.

Party Venue

If you’re looking for a venue that will give you heaps of privacy, a nightclub or bar is not ideal. Most hotels have at least some sort of private function room you can use, and most venues have these rooms too. If it’s in an isolated place like a farm or winery where there’s no one around, even better! Your final choice depends on your budget and guest count. So, make sure to factor these in when booking your party venue. Don’t forget to add funny hens party decorations in your venue to uplift your party mood.

Hens Party Games

Hens party games are crucial to keep the party going and ensure everyone has a great time at the party. Planning and playing some fun hens night games will allow everyone to come together as a group and continue to bond. There are loads of games out there that you can choose from that will enable you to have a great last night of freedom. A good place to start is with a game of Truth or Dare, but don’t let that be your only game. Other game options include Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy, Scratch and Dare Cards, Adult Charades, Pin the Macho on the Man, and more. You can buy cheap hens party games online.


Another consideration for a hens party is what you’re going to serve. If you are hosting a hens party at home, it is a good idea to serve finger foods. Finger foods are easier to handle in your hand than plates full of cutlery, and they won’t leave you with a big mess at your end of night clean up. On the other hand, if you’re planning to have a sit-down meal, make sure there are vegetarian options available as not everyone eats meat. Always consider allergies when thinking about hens party food; it might be worth hiring separate staff just for that evening if there is anyone who cannot eat certain things or will only eat certain things.

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