Herbal Female Enhancement Supplement To Ease And Soothe Menstrual Troubles

Every woman, at some point of time in their life, faces irregularities in their menstrual cycle due to hormonal imbalance. Usually, the menstrual cycle reveals a lot about your overall health and symptoms associated with menstruation, such as cramps, fatigue, or mood swings which is definitely your body crying out for help. The chances are high that you may also have had a conversation with other women about period pain. However, as a matter of fact, women have a very limited set of toolboxes for stopping the pain during the menstrual cycle.


If you have been facing such cramps, it’s high time that you stop taking drugs such as aspirin or antidepressants and resolve the PMS symptoms issues with the 100% organic and purest herbal female enhancement supplement from Natural Elixirs. The herbal supplement is created to work with the body’s own mechanisms that are causing dysfunction such as premenstrual syndrome, heavy periods, irregular periods, cramps, pain, long cycles (never knowing when a period is coming), etc., and show significant results in 3-4 months.

This article will explain the role of herbs and supplements in regulating a healthy cycle. Read below:

Role of herbs and supplements in regulating hormones and cycles

For a long time, allopathic medicine has been used by many women to stop uncomfortable menstrual cycle symptoms in the fastest way possible. Yes, it works really well and fast in ending the pain. However, instead of fixing the problem, these medicines simply override the body’s own mechanisms of fixing the problem. But the real problem arises when you take away the drug as well as the effect along with it.


The beauty of the herbs and supplements is that instead of trying to override the mechanisms of the body, they make actual changes by guiding those mechanisms back into the right rhythm. Usually, the working method is slower, but it has a long-lasting effect and, more often than, not treats the problem from the root itself.

In a recent study, it was found that more than 80% of women suffer from significant menstrual cycle issues. Also, the symptoms during the menstrual cycle are different for almost every woman. This is where the clinically proven formula of herbal medicine is 10x more potent to give you the real feeling of healing. Different types of herbs are used to treat specific patterns of hormonal imbalances within your body and bring them back to their usual level.

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Tailored to suit your cycle

The beauty of herbal supplements is that they can bring your body hormones and cycle into balance by relieving symptoms during the three phases of your cycle. Practitioners formulate the right mix of highly effective herbs to exactly match your need during each stage of the cycle. These herbs are cleansed with alcohol to help you absorb them comfortably through mucous membranes without the need for a perfect digestive system.

The Bottom Line

The menstrual cycle issues can be solved easily with some lifestyle changes and scientifically proven natural herbal remedies. If you are concerned about your irregular menstrual cycle, try the unique herbal female enhancement from the Natural Elixirs. The procreative tonic is made from 100% organic and purest herb of Labisa Pumila, harvested directly from the rainforests of Malaysia.


The supplement is also effective in easing out the baby delivery procedures and the pain associated with it. So, stop searching the internet anymore, self-diagnosing, or trying the latest allopathic pill and shop online from the Natural Elixirs for the most effective supplement to regulate your menstrual cycle with ease.

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