Here Are the Steps to Transfer Google Play Music Library to YouTube Music

Recently, Google has revealed that Google Play Music is running into the final hours. They are also planning something more manageable for their respective users to shift the playlist over, and users are waiting for an effective replacement. Here, YouTube is playing a better part of that. At that end, Google has announced a new feature that allows the users to export your favorite library to the former application when required. According to the official blog post, this new feature will be introduced for Google Play Music because it will be shut down shortly. Most probably, Google Play Music is going to shut down later this year. It makes sense, as in 2018, Google had decided to make a full stop on Play music service offered by Google; that’s why it is really very crucial to introduce this feature for Google users.

Google to Shut Down its Music Branch

In 2018, Google made this strategic decision to put a full stop on Google Play Music, and they are marketing on YouTube Music instead of Google Play Music. They are trying to convince their users to use YouTube Music. Since some channels on YouTube are getting billions of viewership, consisting of users who come there to listen to music and watch music videos.

Here’s How it Works and How to Execute the Music Library Transition Correctly

Initially, you may need to check the ability to transfer your library. If your application isn’t offering this option, then be patient, you will get this feature shortly. You can execute this function from both applications and web browsers. For transferring the library, go to the transfer page of YouTube Music. Currently, you will find a banner to transfer the library when you open the application.

Once you start transferring the library, it will show all the things that you are transferring from Google Play Music. According to Google, several options may occur on this application are your uploads, added songs, purchases, personal items, albums, subscribed playlists, likes, dislikes, and also involves your personal preferences regarding the music.

During transferring the library, you will see the progress bar will indicate on the wall of the software and application. You can hear the songs or music while it progresses.

After the completion of the progress, you will have the option on the homepage that allows you to continue to listen to the songs that you love or used to listen to Google Play Music. After the progress has been completed, you have to avoid using Google Play Music because, after some time, you may need to transfer it again.

Now that’s it! You can enjoy all the songs on Google Play on YouTube Music. You can enjoy your song even after Google Play Music shuts down at the end of the year.

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