Here is how to buy contemporary art

Art collecting is sometimes portrayed as a privilege reserved for the wealthy, a pastime for heiresses, and a lucrative financial opportunity for oligarchs. In truth, record-breaking art auctions, museum-worthy collections, and artworks that change hands for millions only make up a small part of the art industry. The remainder has something for any aspiring art collector. Experts say that regardless of your own style, expertise, or budget, anyone may build a contemporary art collection.

Explore Online

“For a first-time collector, building a contemporary art collection, especially on a limited budget, can be an exciting task. While the traditional art world has made purchasing art an opaque and often frightening affair by keeping pricing concealed and excluding all but a tiny group of buyers, the internet has offered up new routes for discovery and access to buy contemporary art.

Prepare A Budget

You must create a budget in your head in terms of what you can afford, and I believe you must be willing to spend a little extra to buy contemporary art. The works that I regret not purchasing, at least so far, are the ones that I did not purchase. A. Make a budget and be prepared to spend a little more, A, because there’s shipping and insurance and such; but, B, because if it’s something you truly want and it’s a little out of your price range, I’d say “reach.” You want to be motivated because life is brief.

Size Matters Too

You want to make sure this will look good in your flat or house. I can’t tell you how many times people I know—especially early collectors—fall in love with a piece, buy it, and then discover it doesn’t fit over their mantle when they get it home. Before purchasing an artwork, you must be quite certain that you have adequate wall space.

Check What You’re Interested In

In the art world, there are various types of purchases.

It’s a lot easier if you’re buying it because you like it. All you have to do now is work out if you can afford it and if the cost is reasonable in comparison to your enthusiasm. It’s a little trickier if you’re buying with an investment in mind and want to ensure that it retains its worth over time. A first-time collector should be aware that several aspects influence the price of a work. For example, a work on canvas is generally more valuable than a work on paper by the same artist; or if it’s an edition versus a one-of-a-kind piece.

Visit An Art Fair

Visiting an art fair, such as the Affordable Art Fair, is a terrific way to get into the art market and discover original art for sale online. You may see a variety of works by new and known artists. Ask the gallerists questions about the work; they are there to assist you! If you’re on a tight budget, look for limited edition prints and pictures, as well as smaller items. Many galleries also accept instalment payments!


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