Here Is What you Need To Know About MAV Bongs

MAV Glass, or Maverick Glass, was found in Los Angeles. It is one of the leading brands on the market known to provide the market with the best quality glass and bongs. Their own products are a combination of made in America and imported.

MAV is known to make quality bongs and some dope accessories. Maverick Glass is a great company that has been gaining popularity since 2000. They have worked hard in order to produce the best quality products on the market and have come up with a team of experts in order to guide their customers about each product.

Moving on, MAV Glass is highly popular to make exceptional hand pipes, water pipes, trays, and other vaping accessories. You will find Maverick Glass products in all shapes, sizes, materials, and designs- you just have to pick your preferred product as per your preference.

Most of their concentrate pipes are made with 90-degree joint angles, so they are perfect or an ideal option for both dry herbs and concentrates. MAV glass also offers a great and perfect line of straight tubes that are sure to help you get the best smoke hits. When you take their glass in your hands, you will realize how extremely thick the glass is and how the joints are all reinforced with a support bar. All of their bases are super fat and thick. You won’t regret using MAV glass or MAV bongs for a better experience.

Now that you know about MAV glass, let’s take a quick look at some of the highest popular MAV glass bongs;

MAV – Hammer Bubbler

MAV hammer bubbler is one of the most popular pieces you can buy. It has an integrated diffused downstem to cool down the smoke for a longer bong. Moreover, it is highly portable and easy to clean hand pipes.

  • 7″ in Length
  • 4″ Tall When Standing
  • Slitted Downstem for Diffusion
  • Colored Accents on Downstem and Neck

MAV – Segmented Ash Catcher 90° (14mm)

MAV segmented ash catcher is known to allow new air in and old air out to allow the most flavourful hit. It has a recycling function. An amazing piece to buy to have a smooth experience.

  • Total Height Appox. 6″
  • Segmented Splash Guard
  • 14mm to 18mm Joint

MAV – Mini Steam Roller 

A mini steam roller is something that you can easily take to your favorite traveling places. It is designed to provide remarkable smoke seshes while remaining small enough for discrete stashing.

  • 4″ in Length
  • Dry Hand Pipe
  • Full Color with MAV Decal

MAV – Spray Can Rig #4

This is a cylinder shapes spray of the perfect size that can fit anywhere. The separated mouthpiece allows you to fill up a great big section with smoke so that the user can load it up and can get easily enjoy the complete hits.

  • Stands Approx. 7″
  • New Bent Neck Design
  • 14mm Joint

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