Here Is What You Should Know Before Purchasing Decat Downpipes

Do you want to add more power to your Audi? If your car is equipped with a turbocharger, it is better to opt for RS6 downpipes as a solution. A downpipe comes with beneficial aspects for a vehicle which we will discuss.

What Does A Downpipe Do?

Audi rs7 downpipes will help you direct the exhaust gas away from the housing turbine to the car’s exhaust system. If you get the aftermarket downpipe, it has a bigger diameter or uses a high-flowing catalytic converter.

When you remove it with a factory downpipe and shift it with a high flowing unit, you get efficient to evade gases from the turbine, which will offer you more power. It happens because you will remove the factory restrictions and increase the boost on the car. After all, the factory downpipe is the choking point for optimal performance.

Can The Decat Downpipe Increase The Performance

If you want to understand better whether getting Audi rs6 c7 downpipes is worth it or not, you should know the pros and cons of a downpipe. The following covers the pros and cons of the downpipe.


Enhanced Horsepower- Getting an rs3 downpipe with a tine will help you get up to 40 horsepower, and without a tune, you will get around 20. With just one mod, you will get a pretty good boost in terms of horsepower.

Works Well With Other Mods- Having a TTRS Downpipe will be the restrictive component of your ride. If you replace it today, it will be better in the future when you change the air intake and exhaust pipe, and you will get a better exhaust flow when you combine them.

Cost-Effective Mod- It will not be that costly when you get a good downpipe, making it a cheap mod when looking at the horsepower it


Unpleasant Smell- You may get an unpleasant exhaust pipe smell when you install the downpipe. The smell is likely due to the less restrictive catalytic converter. However, the smell is not that bad and noticeable. You will notice it when you are stopped for a long time, such as in traffic.

Void Warranty- By getting an aftermarket mod, you may void the warranty. However, it only applies to related parts such as exhaust systems and turbo systems. Other than that, AC and electronics parts will still come in warranty.

Should you buy one?

You may need to get a downpipe if:

  • The exhaust pipe leads in and out of the turbocharger have bends. Smaller vehicles have a lot less space in the engine, which results in pipe bends.
  • There are vehicles with a well-designed turbo exhaust system, and there is not much need to have a downpipe. However, if you enhance the boost amount on the turbo stock, you should get an Audi s3 8v downpipe.


If you have a turbocharged car, you should research the options for the downpipes. Ensure that you get the best type of downpipe for your ride so that you can get smoother and better performance.

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