Here’s All You Need to Know About Children’s Crocs

A walk down history lane shows how and where croc shoes were first introduced. These specific shoes were founded in Boulder, Colorado, in the form of boat shoes, in 2002. These shoes have grown to become a household name in the footwear industry. The shoes didn’t receive much attention when they first hit the market because many perceived them as ugly and bulky. Still, recent advancement has given the shoes standards and qualities that have made them many people’s favorites. 

Crocs are amongst the few shoes that can be considered ideal and loved for children. This brand has a unique edge over other children’s footwear and is loved by many parents as the ideal footwear for their kids. This article highlights all you need to know about childrens Crocs sandals and more.

What Are Children Crocs Made of?

This special footwear is made from Croslite, a material that enables the brand to retain some unique qualities in all its designs. The Croslite material is a material that can adapt to fit your children’s feet perfectly. This ensures the footwear is comfortable, fun, and simple to offer your kids the best experience possible.

Why Are Crocs Considered Ideal Children’s Footwear?

Before you can decide on getting a pair of Crocs sandals for your ward, you have to understand why Crocs are considered the ideal footwear for kids. Some unique qualities help outline why, and these qualities are:

  1. Comfortable: The problem with kids and footwear is that they have no difficulty taking off footwear whenever and wherever it makes them feel uncomfortable. Thus, most shoes will have a hard time providing the perfect fit for your kids, except Crocs. As mentioned earlier, they adapt to the form of the feet to provide comfort.
  2. Attractive: Gone are the days when Crocs were considered unattractive because now they exist in different colors and designs. For kids, the designs are modeled over their favorite cartoon characters.
  3. Affordable: No one wants to buy expensive footwear that your kids will reject. Crocs provide kids sandals at very affordable prices, plus many children love them.
  4. Functionality: Another beauty of Crocs footwear is that they are multifunctional because it can be worn for different activities. Also, they are anti-microbial (protecting your kids’ feet from germs and bacteria) and function well on land and water.

 Tips for Buying Children’s Crocs

Specific factors need to be considered when buying Crocs for your kids, and these factors are outlined as tips to guide you. They include:

  1. Croc type: There are three distinct Crocs types: roomy, relaxed, and standard. The choice of Crocs depends on what you want and how comfortable your wards are in the shoes. The roomy comes with straps because it has a very wide base. The comfortable Crocs feature a base that is not as wide as the roomy to enable the footwear fit the leg perfectly. The standard Crocs hugs the foot tightly and does not allow the get to slip out the footwear.
  2. Croc sizing: What ensures comfort is getting the right shoe size that can adapt to fit your ward’s feet perfectly. There are three models used for croc sizing: junior sizes for kids ages eight and up, the children’s dual size, and the children’s sizes consider the difference between kids of the same age; thus, it is for kids between the ages 1-7years.


There are more to children’s Crocs, but the information above is essential to why this fantastic footwear is ideal for kids.

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