Here’s An In-Store Collection Of Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs

Stan Lee, an American comic writer, editor, publisher, and producer, is famed for the co-creation of Marvel comic characters. His unpublished Chakra The Invincible will be available as NFTs. 

To commemorate Stan Lee’s 99th birthday, a limited edition of the super-exclusive Chakraverse NFT collection is to be launched, which is starting from December 27, 2021, and ending on December 30, 2021. Here’s a brief aside of what Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs collection is about. Have a gist of it.

Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs Comprises Of:

Collection 1 – Chakra Artpunks Loot Box

It consists of a notably limited edition of a unique collection of generative Chakra artpunks. The total number of lootbox available is 6865. Each individual who owns the loot box gets a unique NFT offering. The minimum price value is $25.

Collection 2 – Chakra Artpunks

This collection consists of a collection of exclusive stills of characters from Chakra The Invincible. There are 15 editions available for bidding, and the bid price starts from $200. The individual owning the Chakra artpunks will own the artpunk with signatures and accessories.

Collection 3 – Animated Living Comic Book Cover

Chakra The Invincible comic book has been brought to life with 3D covers, which is as Chakraverse NFT collections. The starting price for bidding is $500.

Collection 4 – The Jumbo Juke Box

The exclusive & formidable collection of The Jumbo Juke Box comes up with the following ones.

  • Common & uncommon edition of the book cover right from the begging stage of publications
  • A rare edition of the comic book cover along with the storyline
  • Ultimate rare edition of the book cover, which gives the essence of the entire saga
  • Secret silver age, illuminating the ethnicity of Chakra The Invincible comic book

There are 5400 items, and the buy price of each item is $25. 

Collection 5 – Seven Chakra’s Powers

This collection features 3D animations of Chakra with 7 different superpowers. Notably, these NFTs are created on the basis of a grown-up version of Chakra. And yes, there will be seven editions of NFT with a minimum bid price of $1000 each.

Collection 6 – Stan Lee’s b’day special NFT

This is to commemorate Stan Lee’s 99th birthday. This NFT collection package consists of super-rare lithographs, a copy of the Chakra The Invincible comic book cover’s first edition, The Power of Percy The Gentle (an unveiled character), and Stan’s signature story treatment.

This special edition’s minimum bidding price is 100,000. 

Treasure Box

Last but not least, the individual who owns 5 or more NFTs from any of these collections could have a chance to access a treasure chest worth $50,000. 


So far, we have covered the collection of Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs in this blog. The interested one can check the official website of and get started with pre-registration. The Chakraverse NFT drop is on Dec 27, 2021, and this auction will continue till Dec 30, 2021. 

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