Heres for whatever you combats

This is the skills side for RS gold it. Lets say that you’re just starting it from square 1. The only thing you’ll be able to use is that the spell called: (something like seagull I guess) You transform into a seagull! You finally have the ability (for about 5 minutes ) to fly across areas you generally couldnt reach. EXCLUDES areas that have no way off in the event that you run out of transform. Anyways, this is where it actually starts to help skills. Lets say you have the spell, giant. You click on it and it goes into a subcategory for two skills. Combat, or skill. Now ti goes into two more subcategories. woodcutting, or mining. Lets use woodcutting!

You Find a oak. You rip it out of the floor! Now the giant begins ripping it up. In case you have just begun the ability, you will break a few of the logs you have torn off. I will try and create this better after some more time of thought (or for any reason this gets closed)

Heres for whatever you combats. Lets say that you have made it from seagull to a goblin! It will reveal your name outside of these minigames, etc.) It says your username for them to kill, however if they hover over you it shows that there’s only a goblin! (ya I no, theyd figure it out) but heres how it would also workout. The higher for the conversion lvl, the greater of a monster you’ll be able to use. The very top one, (DONT FLAME FOR THIS!) Would be dragon! You’ve got 2 choices of attack. A melee attack, I guess slash, along with a magical attack, dragonbreath!all for battle here guys! Ill add more to buy OSRS gold guess

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