Here’s How to Dispose of Your Electronic Waste


What to do with the old electronics? This is probably the most asked question. Gadgets have become part of our lives, and it has become a growing form of pollution today. It’s estimated that about 400 million tons of e-waste is generated worldwide every year. In fact, about 70% of the e-waste produced is toxic. Yes, e-waste is hazardous to health and the environment. That’s why it’s essential to dispose of the e-waste safely. In fact, it’s every citizen’s responsibility to dispose of e-waste properly without impacting the environment.

Why is it Important to Dispose of E-Waste Properly?

Usually, e-waste is buried or incinerated in landfills. This can pollute the land, air, and water and trigger various health problems. The smoke from burning e-waste is extremely hazardous to health as it can cause respiratory conditions, including asthma and lung cancer. Lead, mercury, and cadmium can make its ways into the soil and water when e-waste is buried or burnt, leading to bone damage, kidney failure, birth defects, mental illness, cancer, and death.

Throwing away old electronic waste anywhere is detrimental to the environment as they are brought to landfills where they’re buried or burnt. Businesses and homeowners should take the initiative to dispose of e-waste properly. Proper disposal can reduce pollution, better resource conversation, and reduce carbon foot print. It’s a good idea to hire junk removal Minneapolis MN service to haul and dispose of your e-waste as they can ensure the electronic devices are disposed of safely without affecting the environment.

So, how to dispose of e-waste properly? Here are a few tips from junk removal MN professionals:-


Yes, please donate as it might be helpful for someone who desperately needs them. If an electronic device is completely functional, it can be donated to someone who needs it or to schools, churches, and charitable organizations. A literacy organization can use a computer to teach basic computer skills to students. Perhaps a daycare can use the player to play educational videos for their little ones. Sharing is caring! So, donate instead of dumping them.

Send Back Electronic Items

Most electronic companies have an exchange policy where you can send all your old electronic gadgets and buy a new one and some even provide a discount when buying a new one in exchange.

Hire Junk Removal Service

Using junk removal Minneapolis service is one of the best ways to dispose of your e-waste. If your business has several pieces of outdated or unusable electronic devices, please use a disposal service. Junk removal professionals can do all the work for you, right from picking to ensuring it’s recycled and disposed of safely.

Let’s join together and protect the environment. Dump your e-waste responsibly!

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