Here’s How to Dissemble Your iPhone Motherboard Repair Parts

Remove or replace the logic board in your iPhone according to the instructions provided in this tutorial. Please keep in mind that each iPhone’s logic board and Touch ID fingerprint sensor are factory-linked; thus, changing the logic board will deactivate Touch ID unless you install a replacement home button correctly connected to your new logic board throughout the process.

Step 1

First and foremost, you must power off your iPhone to remove the motherboard.

Step 2

The SIM ejector should be inserted into the little hole in the drawer, situated at the bottom, left edge of the iPhone. By applying slight pressure on the SIM drawer, it will automatically eject, and you will remove it.

Step 3

In less than 2 minutes, the SIM drawer is removed from the computer.

Step 4

Then, using your hairdryer, schedule many 20- to 30-second heating sessions, one after the other. The screen tightly adheres to the frame with extreme force! If you encounter any difficulties over the following few procedures, do not be afraid to take your time and reheat the Apple Spare Parts Wholesale rather than risk damaging it.

Step 5

To begin detaching the screen, we suggest that you place the black clamp at the bottom of the screen. Along with the pressure applied by the pliers, gently insert an opening pick to leverage and create a small opening. Once the pliers are in position, remove the opening pick gently.

Step 6

To finish peeling off the Best Cell Phone Glass Repair screen, carefully glide the opening pick around the edge of the screen until it is completely removed. In contrast to prior generations, the screen does not protrude at all because of the square frame on which it is mounted. As a result, things are weakened.

Step 7

Then remove the six tri-wing screws that have been circled in green. Then you may take off the metal plates that we’re protecting you. Please detach the battery cable first, using the nylon spatula, before eliminating the possibility of a short circuit occurring later on.

Step 8

Finish by removing the internal speaker cord from the computer.

Step 9

The iPhone screen is a distinct piece that has been partly dismantled.

Step 10

Remove the four screws highlighted in green using the tri-wing screwdriver you previously used.

Step 11

Maintain your grip on the pliers while you remove the second metal plate.

Step 12

Disconnect the SIM card cord from the computer.

Step 13

All of the connections connecting to the top of the motherboard will need to be disconnected at this point. Begin by detaching the two wires that are superimposed from the back camera.

Continue by removing the Face ID and flash cords from their connectors.

Step 14

Remove the screw at the top of the iPhone.Two cruciform screws are circled in blue on the diagram. The orange circle indicates the location of the rivet screw.

Step 15

Heat the black protection and shielding covering the bottom of the motherboard for a few seconds with a hairdryer to ensure it is scorched. Fold it back on itself to release the cord that connects to the volume button.

Step 16

The nylon spatula may be used to gently raise and pull out the motherboard once it has been gently lifted and pulled out.

Step 17

The iPhone motherboard has been released. Replace it with a refurbished motherboard by following the instructions in this free tutorial.


If you need to reassemble your iPhone Motherboard Repair Parts, just follow the steps below in reverse order.

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