Here’s How to Keep Your Painted Walls Looking Fresh and Inviting


A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to enhance the appearance of your house. But, many tend to ignore the maintenance of the walls after spending money and time on the painting project. Are you one among the homeowners who tend to overlook the painted surface maintenance until it shows some signs of discolouration or cracking and peeling paint? See, it is essential to maintain the painted walls to retain their freshness and extend the life of the paint. In fact, cleaning the painted walls must be a part of your monthly deep-cleaning routine.

However, it is easier said than done. Yes, maintain painted walls can be challenging, especially exterior walls. With the right tips and effective cleaning techniques, you can clean the walls without damaging the paint. Here are a few tips suggested by the house painters from painting company Sydney to keep the painted walls looking as fresh as the day it was painted.


Regular dusting is a crucial step to avoid discolouration of the paint over time. Accumulation of dust, dirt, grime, and cobweb can all make the wall look ugly. So, start with dusting before wiping the walls for better results. In addition to it, dirt and dust can also shorten the life of the paint. Basic dusting with a soft cloth will work well to get rid of it. Focus more on the areas that are more exposed to the dirt. Airborne dust gets collected on the ceiling, so don’t forget to remove the dirt from it. You can use the duster attachment on your vacuum cleaner or a feather duster. Power washing your home exterior is a good idea to remove the mould, mild dew, dirt, grime, and dust from the newly painted walls.


Wipe the walls with mild, soapy water after dusting. Be gentle and don’t press harder as it can damage the paint. If there are hard stains and marks on the wall, use an abrasive cleaner and water to remove them. Finally, rinse the wall with clean water. That said, not every paint is washable. Hence, make sure the paint on your wall is washable before cleaning, especially if it is your first time.


Dents and nicks can happen and when they do, repair it as early as possible to reduce the changes in the texture and visible humps in the wall. If you don’t have leftover paint, ensure to get the same colour and sheen.

The importance you give for choosing the paint colours is as important as maintaining them to extend the lifespan. Need help with house painting Sydney? A simple Google search of ‘house painters near me’ can give you a range of options with reviews and ratings. Choose the one that suits your budget and requirement.

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