Here’s How You Can Combine PDFs into One Document on Windows and Mac

Have you ever felt the need to combine your PDF files into one document? Of course, we all face this situation in our life when it becomes much more difficult to manage multiple PDF files on our computer system. And, when it comes to sending those PDF files to anyone, then this follows a much longer process to do that. And not only this but organizing multiple PDFs is a tricky task that consumes a lot of time. Combining all the PDF files into one document can save you a lot of storage space on your devices. And, this way, it becomes easy to locate and find those combined files whenever we need them. Do you also want to combine your multiple PDF files into a single document? Are you looking for some suggestions to do that?



Well, there are various ways to combine multiple PDF files into one big document. You can even use some third-party online apps that allow you to edit and merge your PDF files. And, here, in our following report, you will get to know the methods through which you can join all your PDFs into a single document. To see the process, you need to go through the complete article to have a better understanding of the entire procedure.

The method to combine the PDF files into one big document is a simple task and follows a procedure. The procedure includes some easy steps that anyone can follow without any difficulty. To make your work manageable, we have mentioned the entire procedure for both the computer system, including Windows and Mac. And the best part about this method is you don’t have to spend anything to merge all your PDF files into one single document. And with all this, now’ it’s time to move towards the steps included in the procedure. Let’s have a look.

The Steps to Combine PDFs into One Document on Windows

If you are using a Windows desktop to merge all the PDF files stored on your computer system, then you need to install a third-party application that enables you to do so. And, here, we have used an app named “PDF Merger and Splitter”. You can install this application from the Microsoft store. Here are the steps to do so:

  • To get started with the process, switch on your Windows computer and head to the Microsoft Store to install the application.
  • Once you are done with installing the app, now open it on your computer system.
  • And now, go to the option of “Merge” or “Split”. If you are just merging the two documents, then select the option of “Merge”. Otherwise, go to “Split”.
  • Next, select and click on the option of “Add PDFs”. Here, you will be able to add as many files as you want. You can even move the files upward or downward and can organize them series wise.
  • If you are satisfied with organizing your documents, then go to the “Merge” button and give a name to your file. Now, save the file by clicking on the “Save” option.

The Steps to Merge the PDF Files into One Document on Mac

The steps to combine multiple PDF files into a single document on Mac are as follows:

In Mac, you don’t need to install any third-party app as it has an inbuilt tool to do that. Here are the steps:

  • Open your Mac computer and go to the “Preview” setting.
  • Now, select the PDF that you want to combine and open it in the “Preview”.
  • Go to the option of the “View” and then click on the “Thumbnails”. You will be able to view the thumbnail of the pages located in the sidebar menu.
  • Now, to insert any other document, select the thumbnail from the left sidebar menu.
  • Next up, go to the option of “Edit” and then “Insert”. And now, select the option of “Page From File”.
  • From there, now, you can select the PDF file that you are going to add.
  • Open the file by clicking on the “Open” option.
  • Lastly, select the option of “File” and then go to “Export as PDF to save”.

Isn’t it a simple procedure? By following this, you can now easily merge any PDF files. Try these steps now and let us know if you find any issues. For more details and information like this, please stay connected with us and check out the related articles on our website.


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