Here’s How You can Copy Images from Facebook to Google Photos

Facebook recently simplified the transfer process of Facebook images and videos to Google Photos. Facebook is the biggest and one of the oldest social media platforms, and for its users, it’s a great feature to transfer their oldest or newest image or video to Google Photos. Google Photos is online storage that Google provides. This amazing tool was released this year in several parts of the world, and around the world, the positive impact is all coming out. Facebook is continuously working on making the app more easy and secure, and it is also a step towards both of the sides. The procedure of transferring the image and data is straightforward, and there aren’t many things that you need to link from both sides.

Google Photos

This feature only helps to transfer the data from one platform to another. Users don’t have to save every image or video from transferring; in fact, it will be transferred from one place to another directly. It’s a few steps procedure that will be complete in no time. You need to log in with your Google Photos account and also Facebook account from where you want to choose photos.

Copy Facebook Images and Videos to Google Photos on Desktop

  1. Open Facebook into desktop and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the upper-right side of the arrow to access the settings of the Facebook account.
  3. Hit on the “Facebook information” section from the left side and choose “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.”
  4. Now you have to choose a destination to transfer the photos.
  5. Google Photos option will be visible.
  6. Log in with your Google Photos account if not logged in.
  7. Confirm photos transfer and wait until the process completes.

Copy Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos on Mobile

The procedure of transferring photos and videos on Google Photos from a mobile device will be easy and very similar:

  1. Click on the hamburger section on the right side.
  2. Scroll down and go to the “Your Facebook Information” menu.
  3. Click at “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos of Videos.”
  4. Follow the left steps as you are done in the desktop section procedure.

Currently, it is the only way to transfer images, and it is a real safe, and easy way. Transferring or copying Facebook images on other platforms was never so easy like this one. After following the procedure, you can even check your photos into your Google Photos account. If the transfer is complete, there will be every photo available that you selected for the copy. After doing it, if you want to remove photos from Facebook, then you need to do it manually. However, if you want to delete multiple images, you can select them in once and can delete them from once place.

Many other companies have agreed on this agreement to make transferring data easy for users, and Facebook has started this service. It is really a piece of great news for those who are utilizing it and there more in the future for development.

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