Here’s How You Can Fix the iPhone Not Ringing Problem

iPhone is the most commonly used product designed by the well-known brand named Apple. It is the most excellent smartphone that is used by millions of users all over the world. But, it doesn’t matter which device you use, sometimes you may face some common issues with them. Well, the same goes for the iPhone as well. Most of the iPhone users have reported that their iPhone does not ring, which makes them unable to take calls and revert to messages. Unarguably, this is the most frustrating issue that we all use to face with our smartphones. But, fortunately, this is a common problem that can be easily solved. So, if you are one of the users of the iPhone and face this problem very frequently, then don’t worry because you are not the only one who is facing this problem. And the fact is that anyone can quickly resolve this issue.

Do you want to know how to solve this issue? Want some tips? If yes, then this is the right place to look for solutions to solve this problem. And here, in our following article, you will get to know the methods through which you can be able to fix this issue without any difficulty. So, to get the techniques, please go through the full article.

The Methods to Fix the iPhone Not Ringing Problem

There can be multiple reasons why your iPhone does not ring. And some of the users who face this issue might not know the real cause of this problem. So, before going through the methods to solve the issue, it’s always better to identify the real reason behind the problem. Because after knowing the real cause, you can solve this issue without any difficulty. It might be some software issue because of which your iPhone is not ringing. Or there might be a problem with your phone’s hardware or sound settings as well. Whatever the reason behind this, now, you don’t have to worry, because to solve your problem, we have come up with the solutions. With the solutions mentioned in our article, you can easily fix the iPhone not ringing problem.

So, now, it’s time to take a look at the below-mentioned solutions to make sure that you never face this problem again. Here’s what you need to do:

The Solutions to Fix the Issue

Here are some of the solutions that can be helpful to fix this issue of the iPhone. Have a look at them:

  • Check if Do Not Disturb is Enabled on Your iPhone

We might not even realize, but sometimes, we leave the Do Not Disturb feature enabled on our smartphones that can lead to this problem. This is the most common reason behind the iPhone’s not-ringing problem. This is a great feature to enable when you don’t want to get disturbed as it silences your phone’s sound. But, sometimes, it can be activated accidentally. Or you might forget to disable it. So, in that case, it’s the first thing that you should consider to check. To check if the DND mode is enabled on your iPhone, simply swipe up through your iPhone’s screen to reach the control center. And now look for the Moon icon. If the Moon icon is highlighted, that means the DND mode is enabled. Tap on the icon to disable it.

  • Make Sure That Your iPhone is Not on the Silent Mode.

This is the most common reason that is responsible for iPhone’s not ringing problem. If you put your smartphone on the silent or vibrate mode, then your iPhone will stop ringing. To check the volume on your smartphone, press the side volume button. Or swipe up through your iPhone’s screen and reach the control center. And now look for the “Volume” icon to disable the silent or vibrate mode.

  • Try to Restart Your iPhone.

It is a basic solution that can solve any problems with your devices. If your iPhone is not ringing, you should restart your iPhone once. It might resolve the issue. To restart your iPhone, keep holding the power button until you see the power off slider appearing on your screen. Now, swipe the slider to power off your device. Hold the power button again for a few seconds until you see an Apple logo on your screen. And this is it.

  • Consider Cleaning the iPhone Speaker.

Speaker is the most sensitive part of any device, and that is why it is essential to keep them clean. And this might also be one of the common issues behind the problem. So, if your iPhone is not ringing for the incoming calls and messages, then you should check if your iPhone’s speaker is clean or not.

So, this is how you can fix the issue with your iPhone and get it ringing again. The methods mentioned above are common and straightforward to follow. Try these techniques now, if you are also facing this issue. And if the problem continues, then visit your local Apple store or consult an expert. And to read more related articles, please follow our website.

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