Here’s How You Can Stop People From Using Your Wi-Fi Connection

We all pay a good amount for our home Wi-Fi, and it’s obvious to expect that it should always work. But, sometimes, we struggle with the slow speed of our internet connection. One of its reasons might be the other people who are using our Wi-Fi connection without our permission. It can be possible if somehow, they have discovered our Wi-Fi password. And, those other people might be our neighbors also who might have complete access to your internet connection. So, to enjoy our internet connection with its maximum capacity, it is important to stop the people from using our Wi-Fi connection. However, blocking the people on the Wi-Fi network is an easy task. But, discovering the ones who are using our internet connection is a tricky part. Do you also suspect that someone is using your internet connection without your permission? Want to find out who that person is?

There are some simple ways through which you can be able to block other people who are using your Wi-Fi connection without your permission. And in this article, we are going to provide you with the methods to kick someone off your Wi-Fi network. So, if you want to get the techniques, you need to read the complete article.

The Method to See Who’s on Your Wi-Fi Network

It is essential to find out which other people are using our Wi-Fi connection because only then we can stop them by locking down our internet connection. And for this, you should monitor your router’s access logs routinely to prevent the risk of unauthorized home network intrusion. Here’s how to do that:

  • To see who’s on your Wi-Fi network, firstly, you need to log into your router by entering your username and password.
  • And now, look for DHCP Settings, or “Attached Devices” area.
  • After this, you will see the list of the devices that are connected to your network. Go through the list to find out the unknown ones and isolate them.

However, these settings are not the same for every brand of router. Like on some routers, you can find the table showing the connected devices along with their IP Address. So, you need to follow the appropriate steps to monitor your router’s access logs. And now, after finding out the unknown devices on your Wi-Fi network, you can block them by going through the below-mentioned methods. Take a look:

The Steps to Block the Devices From Your Wi-Fi Using the Router

Follow the steps mentioned below to block the unknown devices from your Wi-Fi network.

  • To get started, open any web browser on your computer system and type your router’s IP Address in the search bar that you can see at the top of your screen.
  • And now, log into your router by entering your username and password.
  • Now, go through the “Advanced” menu.
  • And next, select the option of the “Mac Network Filter”. And here, click on the option of “Turn Mac On and Deny computers listed to access the network”.
  • After this, enter the Mac address that you are going to block from using your Wi-Fi connection. Mac stands for “Media Access Control”. It is a unique identifier that is assigned to each network interface controller and is used as a network address.
  • Lastly, click on the option of “Save” given in the settings menu. And now, the unknown devices will be blocked from your Wi-Fi network.

Apart from these methods, you should also consider changing your password. And try to set a strong password that no one can discover quickly. It is the most secure and convenient method that anyone can go through. When you change your Wi-Fi password, all the devices will be forcibly disconnected from your network. In fact, not only this, but you can also change the name of your network so that no one can recognize your connection.

So, these were the most straightforward and simple methods to block the people from your Wi-Fi network. Try these steps now, and if you face any issues, then please let us know. To get more information like this, stay connected to us and don’t forget to visit our website.

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Source: Here’s How You Can Stop People From Using Your Wi-Fi Connection

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