Here’s what you need to know about Weight Loss Scams

Weight Loss Scams have been plaguing the financial industry for a long time now and many have ultimately fallen victims for such atrocious practices in the past. This being said, what we can say is that you need to realize that there is no magic pill to lose weight, and following a proper weight-loss regime can only help you achieve your dreams of getting a fit and fine body. What you need to do is never fall for such atrocious practices at all and you will save a lot of money. 


The biggest and the most profitable without a doubt is the Slimming Tea. You will see a lot of Instagram handles doing this kind of stuff where you will see models holding a packet of slim tea and saying how this is going to help them aid in weight loss. But that is not even true to be honest. Because what we have seen is that such slim tea alone can’t make you slim. Instead there needs to be a proper approach towards fitness and a mere tea is not gonna help you. Sad but true, this is the very reason why a lot of people are losing faith in such atrocious weight loss products in the very first place. 


There were many other weight loss products as well that needs to be brought to our attention. DERMAdoctor claimed its Shrinking Elegance cream, which costs $58 to get a few. 5-ounce tube, would certainly “improve seen cellulite, smooth and tighten up skin” and had been “clinically tested to be able to reduce measurements around one inch in two weeks, ‘” the FTC mentioned within a Dec. twenty-three release. The method “simulates a lobster’s capability to shrink their body, ” the company said inside a June 2013 Health magazine ad.


L’Occitane was necessary to pay $450, 1000 after suggesting the “Almond Beautiful Shape” cream was scientifically confirmed to reduce 1. 3 in . from a user’s thighs in four weeks while substantially reducing cellulite, in line with the FTC. The business likewise indicated that technological tests proved its “Almond Shaping Delight” cream “significantly slims the body within four weeks. 


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