Here’s Why Quartz Makes an Excellent Option for Your Kitchen Countertops

Selecting the countertop design is the most exciting part of your kitchen remodeling process. It has to be unique, stylish, and attractive as it will serve as the focal point in your kitchen. The countertop attracts the attention of your guests. So, it isn’t only supposed to look good, but the top must be durable enough to resist cuts, scratches, and cooking stains. There are plenty of materials for your kitchen countertops. Granite, bluestone, and marble (to name a few) are commonly used for kitchen tops, but nothing beats the beauty and the old-world charm of quartz stone for kitchen.

If you have moved into a new house or are looking for a modern apartment, you know how overwhelming it is to select the best countertop material for the kitchen. As mentioned above, it isn’t only about the aesthetics, but you need to factor in the cost, maintenance, durability, and resilience before finalizing the material. Some countertops are better and more durable than others. In this post, we will walk you through some notable reasons why quartz has become homeowner’s and designer’s favorite. Let’s get started.

Uniform Appearance

Quartz is an engineered product. While you may find quartz in a wonderful variety of colors and styles, the slabs of quartz work together to create a sleek and uniform look. One of the many reasons quartz countertops are gaining immense popularity is their contemporary finish. They create a look that outshines natural stones, like granite and travertine. Besides, homeowners appreciate a consistent design.

Like other countertop materials, quartz is available in many styles and textures. You can get quartz countertops in different finishes to create a design that complements your interior theme and blends in well with your kitchen decor. During the manufacturing, many pigments and a variety of materials are being added to the quartz stones that give it different finishes.

They are Durable

Quartz might be a natural mineral, but the engineered quartz used for the kitchen countertops consists of crushed quartz crystals and a small percentage of resins. Quartz is undeniably one of the toughest and most resilient materials for your countertops. Not only for interiors, but if you have an outdoor kitchen, quartz makes a perfect choice for the countertop.

It can handle the heat, water, and other weather elements seamlessly. The uniform design and robust materials used during the manufacturing of quartz make this material resistant to cracks and stains. If you are looking for heavy-duty material for your interior or exterior kitchen, quartz is your best bet. In fact, quartz is so durable that some manufacturers offer a warranty for quartz kitchen countertops.

Note: Just because quartz doesn’t chip or crack easily doesn’t mean it won’t get damaged at all. However, the hard composition of quartz makes it less prone to damage from everyday use.

They are Less Porous

Porosity is the biggest concern of homeowners looking for kitchen countertops. Porous materials allow moisture to seep beneath the surface, which eventually leads to stone discoloration and unnecessary staining. This also increases the risk of germs entering the pores and damaging the surface. It makes it even harder for the homeowner to clean and disinfect the surface.

Engineered quartz countertops do not have microscopic pores. And considering the amount of moisture accumulated in the kitchen, it goes without saying that a non-porous material should be your first choice for countertops.

Low Maintenance

Quartz doesn’t attract bacteria. Then again, thanks to the resin that makes the surface considerably less porous than other countertop materials on the market. You need countertops that are not only durable enough to last for years but are less porous and immune to bacteria. This also means that quartz doesn’t require heavy maintenance. Just clean the countertop or other places where you’ve installed quartz stones with a regular-use detergent every few days, and this engineered product will look as good as new.

It saves you the cost of sealing and other maintenance products. The resins used in quartz make them immune to staining, which is why you don’t need to pre-seal quartz or seal them periodically. Other materials require occasional sealing (every 1-2 years) to keep looking fresh and new for years. Sealing is not that challenging. All you have to do is spray seal the countertop and let the sealant sit on the surface for a few hours. There you go! But who likes to add another maintenance task to the checklist when it can be avoided easily? That’s another reason why quartz is used extensively for kitchen decor.

A Versatile Material

Quartz makes an excellent choice for your kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, and even outdoors. Because of its easy accessibility and variety of color choices, the material is considered quite a versatile option. Other materials have limited applications because of their exclusive designs. But, quartz offers excellent versatility, meaning you can install it in just about any space. Whether you are building an outdoor kitchen or a backsplash wall in the interiors, engineered quartz for the kitchen has many applications and is designed to fit in with any decor theme effortlessly. You can use quartz for a modern interior theme or a traditional design.

Stain Resistant

Very few countertop products are stain-resistant. Quartz is one of them. As mentioned before, quartz is a non-porous material, meaning it does not get stained easily. Staining occurs when the moisture seeps beneath the surface of the stone. It is common in stones with microscopic pores. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with quartz stone for kitchen. It is a stain-resistant product. The material doesn’t get stained or discolored. Even if you spill a beverage on the floor, rest easy, knowing that it won’t penetrate the pores or leave a stain.

People love the appearance, versatility, and durability of quartz. That’s what kitchen designers recommend when you are looking for a material for your kitchen countertop. The design options are countless. You can select quartz kitchen countertops that fit your preference and work well with your interior theme.

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