Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Drive with a Damaged Windshield


Modern windscreens provide maximum protection to the occupants. Windscreens were initially designed to protect driver and passenger from flying road debris, stone, winds, and insects. But, their role and purpose have been evolved greatly over the past decades and they are now a crucial safety feature in all vehicles, regardless of the size.

But, when it is damaged, it can have a major impact and compromises the safety of the driver and occupants. Given that the windscreen contributes up to 47% of the car’s strength, you can just imagine the force and severity of the accident if there is no glass or it is affected in such a way that it wasn’t able to function properly. Never ignore windshield repair Sydney. So, what can happen when you drive damaged windscreen? Read on to find out.

Airbag Deployment

See, during a collision, an airbag should deploy in 35 milliseconds. Front airbags rely on the rigidity of the windscreen to inflate outwards and provide the maximum amount of protection. Say, if a windscreen is damaged or poorly installed, the force exerted when the airbag deploys can shatter or completely detach the windscreen and make the airbag to inflate in the wrong direction. Thus, the safety of the driver and passenger in the front is compromised.

Reduced Visibility

A well-maintained car glass provides optimum visibility of the road. When there is a crack or chip on the windscreen, it obstructs the vision of the driver, especially during low light and bad weather conditions. This, in turn, increases the risk of a collision or an accident. A damaged windshield also causes glares or flashes of blinding light that can momentarily blind the driver, leaving the passengers in danger. So, never ignore windscreen replacement. Get it replaced or repaired as soon as the car glass is damaged.

Water Leaks

It is no wonder you will witness water leaks inside the vehicle when it is raining outside if the car glass is cracked or chipped. Rainwater trickles in and cause damp interiors, leading to mould and mildew development. It will even impact the upholstery and electrical components of the vehicle.

Today’s windscreens are not like the ones that were manufactured decades before. The latest windscreens comprise a layer of polyvinyl butyral that is sandwiched between two layers of safety glass which then sealed and strengthened through applying pressure and heat. As a result, the PVB inner layer helps the glass to absorb energy in the event of a collision and also helps to keep the glass intact. Thus, it gives maximum protection to the vehicle. When damaged, it can lead to serious damages in the event of collision.

As you see, these points the importance of addressing the car windscreen chip repair Sydney immediately to avoid compromising safety.

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