Here’s Why Your Website Has a Higher Bounce Rate


A bounce rate, also called visitor exit rate, occurs when visitors enter your website and immediately leave. It’s more common to see with new websites and blogs, but high bounce rates are an issue even the top sites in the world have to deal with sometimes. So, if you’re seeing higher than usual bounce rates on your site, don’t panic! There are many reasons why this might be happening and the SEO agencies Sydney give you some tips on how to fix it!

Your Content Isn’t Relevant to Your Target Audience:

If your content isn’t relevant to your target audience, they’re not going to stick around. Make sure you’re creating content that appeals to the people you want to reach. Give them quality and fresh content and make it easy for them to read by using short sentences, bullet points and lots of white space.Poor Quality Content:

SEO agencies Sydney explain that if your website’s content is outdated, irrelevant, or just plain bad, visitors are going to click away quickly, which will affect your SEO. Make sure your content is high-quality and informative if you want to keep people’s attention. If your website is full of spelling errors, grammatical errors, and typos, visitors will quickly click away. In addition, if your content is dull, boring, or difficult to understand, visitors will also lose interest and leave. Make sure to proofread your content and make it as engaging and interesting as possible.

Your Site is Not Mobile Friendly:

If your site is not mobile friendly, that could be one reason your bounce rate is high. People are using their phones more and more to access the internet, so if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, visitors will likely leave. Another possibility is that your site is slow to load. Studies have shown that people are impatient and if a site takes more than a few seconds to load, they’ll leave. Make sure you check your site speed and make any necessary changes with the help of SEO services Sydney to speed things up and improve your SEO.

There Are Too Many Ads on One Page:

There are a few possible reasons why having too many ads on one page could lead to a high bounce rate. Firstly, it can make your page look cluttered and overwhelming, which can turn visitors off. Secondly, if the ads are not relevant to the rest of the content on the page, visitors may feel confused and not know what to do next. Thirdly, having too many ads can slow down your page, which can frustrate visitors who are trying to access your content.

If you see that too many people are bouncing off your site, it could mean they’re not finding what they’re looking for or they don’t think they’ll be satisfied with anything else on your site. If you need help optimising your website, sign up for one of the SEO packages offered by Sydney SEO companies today.

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